While Android phones are very secure right out of the box, many users like to take the extra steps to protect against viruses and malware on their phone or tablet. If you are vigilant and don't install applications from unknown sources (outside of app stores like Google Play or Amazon) you most likely will never have any issues with bad software. To help ease your mind however, there are many available antivirus apps for Android that will give you that extra layer of security just in case. Not only do these Android antivirus apps watch over your system software and any new apps that you may install, they also offer features like remote wipe, and phone finder should your device be lost or stolen.

While weeding through all of the choices and trying to find the best antivirus for Android, we'll always be staying on top of things to make sure you always know what the best apps are at any given time. With great apps from big names like Avast, AVG and Kaspersky, you may find it hard to know what you should be using at any given time. This page will have all the latest news, reviews and info on the best antivirus apps for Android so you can stay in the know and always keep your device safe from threats like viruses and malware.