Though the above picture of a Motorola Android device looks innocent enough, don't be fooled--it's a flip phone. And yes, leave it to Motorola to cook up some interesting form factors for Android. After introducing the Backflip, it looks like Motorola has a flip Android phone in the works. But the Motorola Android flip phone isn't the size of your typical flip phone, which could've be neat, it's smartphone sized, which just maks the thing unwieldy. We're not even sure if the 'flip' portion of the phone offers any functionality other than protecting the screen.

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The phone is reported to be an engineering prototype and of course looks to run the Motorola favorite, Motoblur. Specs are hard to come by, but we're sure more will be revealed soon. Either way, if Motorola keeps throwing things against the wall, we're sure something will stick, right? Does a flip phone running Android interest you guys?

Hit the jump to see more pictures of the Motorola Flip Android phone. [it168 via engadget]