Another Froyo OTA update beginning to roll out to Nexus One users

Nexus One users should know the drill by now.  Another incremental Froyo build has started rolling out over the air, this time it's build number is FRF83.  Is this the fabled "final" version of Froyo for the N1?  I have no idea yet, and I don't think anyone else does, either.  (FWIW: It's doubtful, as the Froyo code was just released today, and, well, see Phil's other reasons here.) If you're feeling adventurous, download the OTA from Google HERE, make sure you're running the FRF50 update with the stock recovery, and follow the simple instructions Phil has worked up for us all HERE.  Holler out in the comments with success and failures. [xda-developers]

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  • Nexus 1 is still around???
  • Can you update from the FRF72 or post instructions on how to downgrade to it?
  • Damn you, I want that froyo now!.....tasty ;)
  • Does it work for att nexus 1's
  • Hmmm this is odd. The linked file says it's an update to FRF83 FROM FRF50. I take it, using a strict technical file name is word of God, that one can not apply this to FRF72. *edit*
    Yep, only apply this update if you go back to FRF50. Not gonna bother. Just going to put it in a corner of my desk and it'll update whenever or the battery will die and I'll put in in deep storage in a closet shoe box. In the mean time, gonna go play with my iPhone 4.
  • Wait, what if we have FR72 or w/e the newest one was. Should it work? Do I have to go back to FR50?
  • You betcha. Buckwheat. N1 is a great phone. What the heck is this bs with Google with these updates? It's not an official release (wink), so we pulled it from our web page, but we still release updates for the "unofficial" release. So we want people to void their warranties to be our testers (yes you do void your warranty). Cut the crap Google and release your OS. What is Froyo? The new "cut and paste", ala Apple? If it's not out before the iPhone 4G, epic fail.
  • I'm starting to feel a little jaded by all this. And I'm sure its because I don't understand the process. But when exactly when is the official release or at least what are the gates that need to be met before froyo can be released? Granted updates weren't exactly problem free with my Palm Pre or Ipod Touch, but at least updates arrived close to when expected. This is one aspect of Android that is becoming hard to deal with. Release it already.
  • @rpryor and @jonvivas At this point, it's only working on non rooted phones that were updates from 2.1 to FRF50. This means T-Mobile only. I'm sure someone will have a full ROM to flash from any version and any custom recovery in short order. And I'll be sure to keep everyone up to date, because I'm waiting for it myself this time around :)
  • I was jsut about to manually update myself from 72 to 83, will I be okay?
  • You have to get back to 50 then upgrade to the sound of it, it will not update from 72 to 83....strange....
  • Correct. The update script checks the MD5 of several files, as well as check the fingerprint in the build.prop. You HAVE to be on a stock version of FRF50 to flash this.
  • Damn can the EVO get a lil froyo taste?
  • Yeah I tried it right now. Doesn't work going from 72 to 83 I can confirm. Just doesn't install. Anyway I can go back to Fr50 from 72 without rooting/roming the phone? Thanks for your help guys you guys rock.
  • If you insist lol.
    You have to roll back to ERD79
    You have to flash stock recovery back
    Manually update to FRF50 (see link in above post)
    Then manually update to FRF83 Or wait for Paul O'Brien to get out of bed and work up a flashable zip file :p Without rooting, not possible ATM
  • thanks a bunch, no point in me doing it. Fr72 is working fine. I will wait till it ends up being a little more official.
  • "Damn can the EVO get a lil froyo taste?" Or the desire :/
  • No you are on a carrier phone.
  • thanks tried to use this update and it lead to me accidently formating system and boot. got me scared for a while couldn't boot but all is ok know.
  • This is all becoming very, very frustrating, especially for a non-rooted ATT user. If, when the OTA happens and the ATT version is again ignored, I will seriously sell this phone and get something frustration-free. I really hope it doesn't come down to that.
  • No kidding. It's bad enough being on AT&T's crappy network, let alone dealing with this stuff. If they don't go to the AT&T phones, that would be the dumbest thing ever. If they don't go to AT&T, I'll buy a Sprint EVO and just have one line on AT&T for my wife.
    Aren't you guys sick of hearing about Flash too? I want it, but seriously, I'm sick of hearing about it too.
  • just be patient imo, droid is getting it next month some time so n1 will be soon. at least we know it is coming out rather than waiting for the carrier or cell manufacturer to approve it
    im not messing around with a silly pre-release, full builds only for me and sporting the unlock symbol on boot
  • Ya, this is getting ridiculous. Just let us know when it's official. These articles are just stupid now.
  • Hey Jon. Maybe Android Central isn't the place for you if you think these posts are stupid. Read Walt Mossberg (WSJ) or David Pogue (NYT) if you want the mainstream tech news.. jeez.
  • Were you running stock EPE54B or did you root so you could install the T-Mobile version of Froyo.
  • I was just prompted on my AT&T Nexus One that a system update was available. I did the update and it gave me Android 2.2 FRF83! Sweet!
  • Great news! That's the third time I've heard that tonight.
    Here's the easy way to force any available OTA's for your phone:
    Open the phone dialer
    dial this: *#*#2432546#*#*
    you'll see a notification that checkin was successful Then, hit menu>>about phone>>system updates to see if anything is there. You it as often as you like, but I suggest no more often that every couple hours
  • I tried *#*#2432546#*#* and i got a message "check in succeed" but nothing happen. I went back to about phone>>system updates and there was nothing there except for "Your system is currently up to date" Did it work for you?
  • Did you have EPE54B before the update???? I still get nothing for my AT&T N1.
  • .
  • i hope i wake up to this tomorrow!! just to confirm...the ota will still come if we have frf72 on our phones?
  • I was on Froyo 2.2 FRF72, and Updated to FRF83, on my Nexus One unrooted and locked bootloader (This will not void your warranty). Here is what I Did
  • Sometimes its just depressing being a tech head. All people do is fcuking bitch and complain. What's goin on google? Release it already! My life cannot go in without updating my pocket computer! Bunch of nonsense! Im selling my phone! Jesus Christ.. The sense of entitlement is off the charts. 2.2 was just revealed a month ago, but people want to act like that was a lifetime. Get outside and smell the grass. Stop worrying about it so much.
  • The problem is with Google's handling of the release. They are the ones fanning the flames with "we're working feverishly on getting an OTA out the door". I've seen that a few times. What does that mean? The latest OTA for the T-mobile people in this article? Or the complete OTA to Froyo for every phone? Just give a worst case date and put it to rest.
  • If you're using FRF50 download this If you're using FRF72 download this works good, and easy, this is for NON-ROOTED, official :)
  • Any brave N1 owner tried this one yet.
  • Just updated from 72 this morning. Thanks!
  • IF you're using ERE27 (default nexus one Eclair) download this That should be all. The updates are being pushed out, but it takes time to reach every device, so you can use these official links and install yourself if you can handle it
  • Any brave N1 owner tried this yet.
  • Yes ofcourse.
  • I've installed an update of android 2.2 from FRF72 to FRF83. It went smooth and working fine. Amazing speed. :)
  • @stalker did you try this one or something else?
  • yeah.. I've tried same..
  • Am I the only one who finds people bitching about this build not being final weird? You Nexus One users have Froyo. Whether its official or not, you still get to enjoy it while everyone else has to wait for the OEMs to release their versions. I can't wait to get Froyo on my EVO. I would love for Google to sneak in some unofficial Froyo goodness to my device. =\
  • ALright guys, i did the update manually cuz i couldnt wait for the OTA, i used the CNET asian guy's link and steps above going from frf72 to frf83 and it worked perfectly, i am now running 83!! So i can confirm that it DOES WORK! No unlocked bootloader, no nothing, just Froyo goodneed! :)
  • Thanks for the confirmation.
  • All of this sounds fascinating, although I'm only processing about a quarter of what's being said. With that acknowledged, any ideas when the rest of us (EVO user) will be able to get a taste?
  • Yea well the thing is scribe4food, people tend to be a little rambunctious when reporting new Froyo updates these days. There has not been any official release of the new Android OS as of the 24th. Everyone, including myself is on the edge of the seat. I've been going back and forth about putting the unoffical release on my handset using instructions on this site. Still am... No one, apart from google, knows when the switch will be flipped. If the Nexus One doesn't get the update soon, then I can assume that google will try a mass update within a week of eachother. Stay calm! ** PLEASE!! LEAVE PHIL ALONE! JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE! (Sob) Referance:
    **Do you guys remember that youtube video about that guy crying about Brittany Spears?
  • What a great idea for a Android Central Spoof YouTube video! Here's the script: "Please! Leave Jerry alone! He didn't take your Froyo! Leave him alone. (Sob) He knows you want Froyo! Just Leave Him Alone! (sniffle)
    He's lactos intollerant! He doesn't even like yogart! Leave Him! (sob and sniffle) Alone! ....(stop crying... look at pc)
    Ops have to go, Android Central's Live Podcast is on. (End)"
  • I used this to update from 72 to 83 and it worked great. Just wish I could figure out what these updates change. ?????? Anyone know?
  • I was able to update from frf50->frf83 The only difference I have noticed is it now contains a certificate that allows you to see protected apps in the market. This would tend to make me think it does bring you to the final build since RC generally can not do this. However, a full update will be what most people need who are still on 2.1 since this was just 1.8mb and only worked for those on Froyo already. This build let me install Slingplayer just in time for the World Cup, after my free month of EVO with SprintTV from I/O ran out. I was ready to pay for a month of service, but it urns out the world cup is on a premium channel, costing another $10. I refused to be nickel and dimed by Sprint, and did not re-activate the EVO, a now glorious WI-FI device(not so bad when tethered to the Nexus One for some sling action!). Go USA and Deutschland!
  • I don't think the N1 will get Froyo before the Droid/Droid X does. Google will wait that long to make sure the release is as stable as possible. There is no reason to release Froyo to N1 users; there aren't that many so they'll wait for the Droid because there are so many owners.
  • I don't know if anyone posted this already but I'm gonna post it anyway. I had Froyo FRF72 and everybody was saying that I couldn't manually update to FRF83, but you can. Head over to this website: And it will show you how to update to FRF83 from FRF72 real easy