Anker's Life 2 headphones have Bluetooth and active noise-canceling and are on sale for $40

Soundcore Life 2 headphones
Soundcore Life 2 headphones (Image credit: Amazon)

The Anker Soundcore Life 2 over-ear headphones have dropped to $39.99 at Newegg when you apply the code MKTCM8 in your shopping cart. You'll also get free shipping. Without the code, the headphones are going for $65, and that's the price they usually sell for at other retailers. You can find them as low as $50 at Costco and as high as $79 at Walmart, but no one matches Newegg's prices.

Bluetooth, active noise-canceling, and a battery that lasts 30 hours with both active. Switch to wired mode to extend it to 60 hours. Has memory foam ear cushions with a soft protein leather and adjustable headband for comfort. Folds for easy travel.

These over-ear Bluetooth headphones have active noise-cancelling and Hi-Res Audio. You can even use Anker's BassUp technology to deepen and intensify your favorite music. The active noise-cancelling reduces external noises and gives you a pure musical experience without the distractions of everyday life.

Bluetooth and ANC tend to take quite the toll on a headphone's battery life, but the thing that makes these headphones stand out is just how long the battery lasts. If you're using both Bluetooth and ANC, you should still be able to go 30 hours before needing to recharge. If you decide to go wired using the optional cable and just use the ANC, the battery can go for as long as 60 hours. That's an incredibly long amount of time to be wearing the same pair of headphones and listening to music. You can do it, though. I believe in you. And in a pinch you can listen indefinity by just turning off ANC and going wired.

You can take phone calls with the headphones, too. They have a built-in microphone that's equipped with cVc noise-cancellation technology. This will reduce the ambient noises and enhance your voice so you have crystal clear conversations every time.

Beyond all that, the headphones also use memory foam cushions on the ear cups so they stay comfortable time and time again. And the headphones are foldable so you can fit them in the protective hard-shell travel case they come with.

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