Anker launches stylish Soundcore Frames with 'surround sound' for $200

Anker Soundcore Frames Lifestyle
Anker Soundcore Frames Lifestyle (Image credit: Anker)

What you need to know

  • Anker has announced its first audio glasses.
  • The Soundcore Frames feature four speakers for immersive audio and detachable frames.
  • The glasses will be available starting November 10 for $199.

More and more companies are starting to get into wearables with smart glasses, and Anker has just thrown itself into the burgeoning eyewear market with its new Soundcore Frames.

The new glasses feature a stylish design that actually allows the frames to be detached from the temples. This way, users will be able to swap the frames out for a different pair, perhaps with a new design to match your look. This differs from other wearables like the Razer Anzu that I reviewed. I have to pop out the actual lenses to switch to sunglasses or a prescription lens. While I don't mind this, Anker's solution sounds a lot better.

Source: Anker (Image credit: Source: Anker)

Anker says it offers 10 frames with different styles and lenses to choose from, and they cost $49 apiece. However, all the cool features are found in the temples.

The Soundcore Frames feature four speakers positioned to provide "spacious surround sound" while keeping you aware of your surroundings. There are two microphones for calls and to block out ambient noise, and the frames feature a "local voice assistant" for controls, although you can also use the touch controls on the temples.

Anker claims 5.5 hours of playback time before the frames need to be charged, which is par-for-the-course in this category, especially if you want to keep the temples svelte. There's also an IPX4 rating to protect against rain and spills.

Anker is notably calling the Soundcore Frames "audio glasses" as opposed to "smart" glasses, making a notable distinction between these and others like the Ray-ban Stories or Snapchat Spectacles. However, none of them come close to what Xiaomi is working on.

The Soundcore Frames will be available on November 10 and retail for $199. Orders will start on November 1, and users can download the Soundcore app on iOS or the best Android phones to virtually try on a pair before ordering.

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