Andy Rubin Demos Flash on G1, Coming Soon?

Yesterday at an Adobe MAX Event, Andy Rubin was on hand doing a demonstration -- a demonstration about flash on Android. During his keynote, he showed off Flash on the G1, which was a combined team effort from Google and Adobe. This is great news considering the Flash Saga that the iPhone faced (and still faces) and hopefully we can get Flash on Android to experience the "full web".

To quote Andy Rubin:

"We are excited to be working alongside Adobe to bring Flash technology to Android, Adobe Flash is crucial to a rich Internet and content experience on mobile devices and we are thrilled that Google will be one of the first companies along with the Open Handset Alliance to bring Flash technology to the smartphone market."

We at Android Central are happy to see that Android is fulfilling its promise and potential while hitting very few roadblocks and/or obstacles. The Android platform will continue to succeed especially if Apple and the iPhone continue to stick to their unwavering ways.


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Casey Chan