Android's share of the tablet market grows to 27% in one year

Android has grown to capture 27 percent of the tablet market, that just one year ago was 100 percent filled by Apple.  With the launch of the original Galaxy Tab things have been on a slow uphill climb, but much like the smartphone space diversity and a much more open ecosystem will allow Android to grab a large portion of the pie, and draw manufacturers who can see the profit potential from tablet hardware.  These numbers are impressive, but will likely seem pale when the Amazon Kindle Fire is released, which is seeing upwards of 50,000 pre-orders daily according to internal Amazon documents obtained by the Cult of Android blog.

This parrots the meteoric rise of Android phones in another way as well -- you'll see this 27 percent number trying to be dismissed by detractors and nay-sayers everywhere, using all sorts of outlandish metrics to try and sweep it under the rug.  The fact remains -- people want Android tablets, and are buying Android tablets.  With the release of Ice Cream Sandwich and the Fire, this number's going to grow even faster.  We're here.  Deal with us, or get out of our way.

Sources: Strategy Analytics; Cult of Android

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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