Android games are some of the most fun you can cram onto a phone or tablet. From story-driven role-playing games, to white-knuckled racing games, to casual, cute puzzle games, you can find absolutely any kind of Android game in the Play Store.

The Play Store categories for Android games includes action & strategy games, brain & puzzle games, cards & casino games, casual games, live wallpaper games, racing games, sports games, and widget games. Of course there are many genres of Android games beyond that, such as first-person shooters, real-time strategy games, location-based games, and there's a great Android game for each of them.

While looking at Android games and figuring out which are worth suggesting, we look at a lot of different things. Android games have to perform fluidly and look great, for one. Two, Android games need to bring something new to the table. They don't have to reinvent the wheel, but the last thing we need is another clone. We keep an eye out for touch-friendly controls. Android games shouldn't try to be console games with dual joysticks, for example.  Obviously we want to make an Android game is fun too! This means the Android game in question is challenging while remaining accessible. We also realize that every Android game isn't meant to be for everybody; casual, freemium games have a time and place with the right audience, and we want to make sure that audience can find great Android games too.