Android Central Editors' App Picks 

There are upwards of 20,000 apps in the Android Market. Some good, some not so good, and many are flat-out great. So what do your favorite Smartphone Experts editors have on their Android phones? Read on to find out.

Casey Chan - NBA League Pass Mobile

NBA League Pass Mobile

If you're a big basketball fan, this is almost as good as going to the arena. NBA League Pass Mobile offers live streaming of every NBA game over WiFi or 3G. You read that right. Live streaming of every single basketball game (blackout restrictions apply) during the season. There's also DVR functionality to rewind that last LeBron James dunk or Kevin Durant swish. Your Android phone will become an always on, sports watching powerhouse, I guarantee it. Think about it, every single game available on your phone? Awesome. Android 1.6, $19.99. [Market link]

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Phil Nickinson - Google Voice

Google Voice

This is always my first download on a new Android phone. Google voice gives me one number that connects me with all my phones -- cell, landline, Kremlin hot line -- brings voicemail transcription (for better or worse) to my desktop computer, keeps track of all my calls (in and out) and basically makes my life about 300 times easier. The call screening is invaluable, and best of all, it's a free service. [Market link]

Jerry Hildenbrand - ASE


ASE is a small application that allows you to run scripts via shortcuts pasted on your homescreen. It includes support for most popular scripting languages, as well as the standard bash interpreter on all Android devices. The application is "root aware" and scripts that need elevated permissions can be ran, as well as standard user scripts. It's a must-have for any type of developing done live on your device. Free. [Download link

Matt Miller - Editor of Nokia Experts - Google Listen

Google Listen

I listen to podcast more than I do music, including The Cell Phone Junkie and various Smartphone Experts podcasts, and thus having a podcatcher on my smartphone is an essential application. Google made a big leap forward with the latest update to Google Listen (version 1.1) with support for Listen Subscriptions in Google Reader so you can find and subscribe right on your computer and have those subscriptions synced to your Android device. You can also have your podcasts synced and downloaded to your Android device while you sleep at night so once you get subscribed all you have to do is listen with Google Listen. Free. [Market link]

Dieter Bohn, Editor in Chief, Smartphone Experts - TasKiller Pro

TasKiller Pro

My pick of the week has got to be TasKiller Pro. I've had memory management so deeply ingrained in me by years of Windows Mobile experience that any little slowdown or jag in a multitasking operating system sends me running to a task manager to kill background processes. Of the several that I've tried, TaskKiller Pro is my favorite. I especially like their 1x1 widget that shows the number of running processer (with an 'X' when it's greater than 10) and gives me one-touch access to kill them all. ~$1 US [Market link]