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Psssst. You, yes you! Hit the break with us and let's check out some applications for you to install because well, who doesn't love new apps?!

Richard Devine - Sky Sports Live Football SC (Free)

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The mobile offering from Sky TV is constantly improving, especially with the future access to Sky Go. This isn't that, but for football fans it's a must have.

SkyThe interface is really nice, and by setting your favourite teams their latest scores will always be available on the home page. It also has a videprinter for upto the minute goal flashes and a news ticker across the bottom. Scores for a variety of European leagues are also on hand.

The list goes on, commentary and the ability to listen to Sky Sports radio in app just adds to the impressive feature list. Like all Sky apps, it's easy to use and covers all bases. This is a UK app though folks, so bear in mind location might affect availability. If you can get it though and you're into football, then you'll be pretty well pleased. [Market Link]

Anndrew Vacca - Google Currents (Free)

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Google's latest project is one of the best yet, and has already become an app that I use on a daily 

Google Currentsbasis. Google Currents aggregates the content that you choose and displays it in an easy-to0read, interactive "magazine-style" layout that is simply a joy to use. It looks great on smartphones but where Currents really shines is on tablets; it's the first reader app that I have found for Honeycomb that is as smooth as it is content-rich. Google has already partnered with a respectable number of publishers and blogs to ensure that just about anything you'd want to read is available in Currents. And speaking of content, be sure to subscribe to Android Central's feed, available in the technology section. [Market Link]

Alex Dobie - Sonic CD ($1.99)

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SEGA has just released Sonic CD for Android, a port of the classic SEGA CD (Mega CD) platformer that first appeared in 1993. The game didn't sell particularly well back in the 90s, mainly due to slow uptake of the SEGA CD itself, but it's back now, and at under two dollars, it's definitely worth a look if you're a platformer junkie.

SonicSonic CD sees SEGA's spiky hero do battle with time itself, across seven levels with past, present and future variants. The game supports widescreen resolutions now, so whatever size your device, you shouldn't have any problems with black bars. Anyone who's played a few 16-bit Sonic titles will also appreciate the option to switch to Sonic 2-style spin-dash physics, as well as the ability to unlock Tails as a playable character.

We ran into a few issues with game speed on our Galaxy Nexus, likely due to some incompatibility between the game and Android 4.0, however Sonic CD worked just fine on all Gingerbread devices we tried. Sonic CD is available now on the Android Market for devices running Android 2.1 and above. [Market Link]

Jared DiPane - Santa Tracker (Free)

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SantaWith a little kid in the house around the holidays there is always a ton of excitement, and they are all about Santa and what he is up to. Since I don't always use a computer once I get home I like to have access to things right from my phone and Santa Tracker is a cool free application that allows me to build some excitement with the little one. With a countdown until Christmas, the ability to track Santa, and being able to write notes to Santa from the application it sure brings a lot of joy to the little guy as we are in the final stretch. [Market Link]

Jerry Hildenbrand - DroidEdit (Free)

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DroidEdit is a free text editor for Android devices.  With syntax highlighting for many popular programming languages, and a very light look and feel (it really reminds me of nano, my favorite Droid EditUnix editor), it is a great way to code on the go, especially with a Transformer or a Transformer Prime.  I've always thought that phones or tablets just aren't designed for serious work, mostly because there are no tools designed to do any real work with them.  DroidEdit is a great first step in this direction, and will make your Android device (especially a tablet) a tool that can be productive as well as play games while you're sitting in an airport or home on the couch.  It's free (ad supported), and works on all devices running Android 2.1 or higher so there's no real reason not to give it a try if you're looking for an app to edit a bit of code. [Market Link]