With the Android market breaking 100,000 applications, it is no wonder why finding the perfect application can be a difficult task. Many hours are spend, many batteries killed, all in the hunt of finding a great application. Check out some of our favorite applications with us after the jump. 

Kyle Gibb - Queue Manager


queue_managerI use Netflix a ton, and they haven’t come out with an official Android app (yet). So, to check up on my mailing queue and add new titles on the go I use Queue Manager. The app allows you to view and edit your DVD and streaming queues, search and browse for new films to add to your queues, and even review what you have watched recently. Queue Manager uses Netflix’s third-party APIs, so you will need to log in with your email and password to get everything set up. The app is built using Adobe Air, and while it is a bit sluggish (the app was just released last week), it has proven to me the viability of Adobe Air as a development platform for Android. [Market Link | AppBrain]

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Ali Fazel - GEICO


GeicoIf you’re using GEICO for your auto insurance company, the GEICO app is definitely a handy tool to have close at hand. While you can’t actually make changes to your policy, the app does give you quick-at-hand access to roadside service, quoting a new auto policy, and various important GEICO phone numbers. Plus, you have the most awesome insurance mascot looking you in the eye, and all your favorite GEICO videos. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Sean Brunett - Pinball


pinballThis simple yet addicting game allows users to have a mobile pinball machine in their pocket at all times. There are a variety of table themes to choose from, including: bowling, underwater, soccer, invaders, Android land (pictured), sixties and Christmas tree. You can view high scores specific to the table theme and compete against anyone to try for the top spot. Users can customize the controls in options (by default the touchscreen controls the flips) It’s a free game and one that will keep you busy for hours! [Market Link | AppBrain]

Jesse Potter - Movies


Although the Movies app by Flixter Inc. isn’t one of the lesser known apps on the market, it’s moviesan app I find myself using multiple times a day. You see, when it comes to spending 90+ minutes of my time watching a movie, I like to research it first. Quality movies these days are few and far between, so for me, it’s important to make sure I’m not wasting my time watching junk. Not only does the Movies app provide movie showtimes based on your location (using GPS or a preset zip code), but it also provides Rotten Tomatoes’ rating for each movie as well. So right from the movies app you can figure out when and where a movie is playing, and then use the Rotten Tomatoes rating to gauge whether or not you actually want to spend your hard earned money to see it. I’ve always said that you have to see a movie for yourself before you can say whether or not you like it, but I find the Rotten Tomatoes “Tomatometer” to be very trustworthy, and an accurate gauge as to whether or not a movie is worth my money. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Jared DiPane - 4G Toggle for EVO


4G ToggleGranted this can only be used by those of us with the HTC EVO 4G, but if you own this device you will not want to miss out on this widget. This simple widget, which is available in two different skins, allows users to easily toggle to 4G of their device on and off. What set's this one aside from the rest is that upon rebooting your device, the last setting will stay, so if it was off, it will remain off which is something many other toggles do not allow. Give it a shot for yourself today for only $0.99. [Market Link | AppBrain]