Prize Claw

Looking to download something new today, but just not sure what it should be? Don't worry, we have you covered, hit the break with us and let's check out some of our favorites from this week and hopefully they can become some of your very own favorites!

Chris Parsons - TuneIn Radio (Free / 99cents)


I love listening to music but sometimes, I get rather bored of my own music selections and like to tuneinsee what others are listening to around the world. Tune In Radio, allows me to do that by offering up both local and global radio stations on my device. But it's not limited to just music either, say if you want to hear about your favourite sports team on the go but your have sorts team isn't local, there is a good chance Tune In Radio will have a sports talk radio station in their area that you can… well, Tune into. The basic version is free, but a pro version which allows for recording and pausing is also available. [Market Link]

Michelle Haag - Prize Claw Halloween (Free)

Prize Claw

You know these games, you see them in the grocery store and at Denny's, and now you can have prize clawone on your phone. But not just any Prize Claw game… this is Prize Claw Halloween! With themed prizes, powers, and puzzle pieces as well as brand new claws, feel like a kid again (or like me last weekend) playing over and over till you get that coveted skull out of the machine. Trade in prizes you snag for special bonuses, and work your way through tons of missions while you unlock rewards to customize your machine. Future updates will bring new themes as the seasons change, so you won't be stuck playing with ghosts and ghouls when the sleigh bells are ringing.. unless that's your thing. No need to save up your quarters, Prize Claw Halloween is Free in the Android Market. [Market Link]

Anndrew Vacca - Google Docs (Free)

Android Central

Hey, tablet owners: this one's for you. With this week's update to the previously less-than-stellar Google Docs, the app has finally become an acceptable (and maybe even great) document editor docsfor your Honeycomb device. While it falls short of calling itself "tablet optimized", it sure as heck comes close. The app's new layout is gorgeous, and quite similar to Gmail's Honeycomb experience that you've come to love. All the main functionality remains untouched: edit or create new word docs, spreadsheets, and presentations on the fly. But with the experience suited for your tablets landscape screen, every task feels a bit smoother. If you've been turned off by Google Docs on your Honeycomb tablet before, give it another try, it's certainly gotten better. [Market Link]

Jared DiPane - Halloween Live Wallpaper (Free)

Android Central

wallpaperSure we still got a bit of time before Halloween but that doesn't mean we can't start living in the spooky spirit now! Halloween has always been fun to me, and with having a young one in the house it is even more fun. Often times the little guy wants to see my phone, and live wallpapers amaze him so when I came across a Halloween one it was a no brainer. The flying bats, the creepy cats, the fun setting, all of it adds to a great wallpaper that can be customized to your liking. Seriously, hop in the market and check it out! [Market Link]

Richard Devine - The Guardian

Android Central

Android CentralThere's a certain social stigma attached to readers of The Guardian in the UK, which puts some people off. While I'm not about to start carrying about a broadsheet, I do carry about their mobile app.

There are numerous customization options available, filters for topic, author, multimedia etc,. but the real party piece came in a recent update. All content is now downloadable for offline viewing. This is a pretty big deal and incredibly useful. Set it downloading before you leave for work and everything is available even on the tube (or subway for our North American readers!) [Market Link]