Your device getting lonely, and begging for more applications to get installed on it? Well, no problem, hit the break with us for some of our favorite applications this week!

Jerry Hildenbrand - Moosejaw X-RAY


Something a bit different this week from me -- you'll install this, use it once (maybe show your friends), then uninstall it.  Why would I submit an app like this?  Because this one is a great demo of xrayjust what you can do with a bit of imagination and an Android phone.  Moosejaw, in case you didn't know, is a retailer specializing in outwear -- coats, heavy flannel shirts, stuff like that.  Instead of writing an app that lets you shop or browse the online catalog, they went for something a bit different.  Install this app, open the Moosejaw catalog (or hit the online version HERE), focus on the model's faces, and you can see them in their underwear.  It's nothing risque, on the contrary it's full of dirty t-shirts and red union-suits in addition to the frilly stuff you would expect.  They aren't even selling the under-clothing they show off, they're just having a bit of fun with a smartphone.  And it's brilliant.  Grab it for free from the Android Market (Android 2.1 and up). [Market Link]

Richard Devine - LOVEFiLM


One thing that Android and LOVEFiLM fans have been missing is any kind of app from the lovefilmAmazon owned company. That wait is now over as they have launched their first effort at an official app.

As yet, there is no streaming of their extensive online catalogue, but what this app does allow is comprehensive management of your mail rental account. It's a simple app, but if like me you use the service a lot being able to add content to your queue on the fly is essential. There's definitely potential here, but this is a solid first effort. Best of all, its free. [Market Link]

Chris Parsons - Great Little War Game


GLWGGreat Little War Game is fairly new to the Android Market, and after having spent a couple hours with it last night I can say it is quite fun. Basically, it's a 3D turn-based strategy game with multiple modes to choose from including campaign  and multiplayer with four difficulty levels. The basis -- you have to capture enemies, get to higher ground and protect your soldiers all in the heat of battle. Sure - it's been done before but it's still a great time passer that is visually rich for only $3. The name is rather fitting. [Market Link]

Jared DiPane - SFpark


While I may not live in San Francisco, that doesn't mean I don't absolutely love the idea behind SFpark and wouldn't mind seeing one for every major city. I can't tell you how many times I have Sfparkcircled around blocks in NYC and surrounding areas looking for affordable parking that had spots for me to park, and to say it is a pain is an understatement. SFpark shows you various parking areas around your location, how much they charge, and what their vacancies are like. While it won't tell you how many spots exactly they have, each location is rated with Low, Medium, and High availability, making it easy to pick where you want to park right from your Android device. Gone are the fuel wasting days of driving around looking for a place to park, and here are the days of the free SFpark app which helps make it much easier. [Market Link]