Apps on apps on apps on apps. Just can't ever seem to get enough of great applications on your device can you? Well us either, and that is why we love to share with you, our favorite readers, some of our very own favorite applications. Hit the break and let's take a look at what we've got this week.

Jared DiPane - Thumb Keyboard (~$2.50)

Thumb Key

Thumb KeyboardOne of the really cool parts about Android is that you are not stuck with just one keyboard, and there are plenty of options.  One of my friends recently lead me to the direction of Thumb Keyboard, which just received a rather large update bringing it a ton more theme options, better word prediction and much more, and I was instantly addicted. With seven different layouts, tons of themes, and tablet compatibility along with phones as well, the money spent on this is well worth it. Give it a shot, you won't regret it, in fact you will probably have just found your new favorite Android keyboard! [Market Link]

Chris Parsons - Tumblr For Android (Free)


TumblrThere are plenty of personal blogging platforms out there these days, and the one that I prefer to use is Tumblr. Luckily for me, Tumblr also makes a pretty awesome Android app for its services. The UI is great and easy to figure out, you just tap on whatever it is you wish to post to your blog. You're then taken to an easy and straight forward editor in which you can compose your intended message, tag it and then publish it. Also built into the app is your "Dashboard," the dashboard allows you to view not only your own stream of posts but the posts of others you may follow on Tumblr. Easy, free mobile blogging, you dig? [Market Link]

Sean Brunett - WebMD For Android (Free)


Let’s say you’re partying a little too hard this Memorial Day weekend, and something happens to WebMDyou. There’s no doctor around, and you want to diagnose the condition yourself but you only have your phone and the browser isn’t scaling correctly: enter WebMD for Android. WebMD, the popular medical website has launched a dedicated Android app that gives you easy access to tons of information right from your Android device. There’s a symptom checker, which allows you to specify the part of the body that hurts and then find out about potential conditions. It also has an amazing collection of information divided into sections, including: Conditions, Drugs & Treatments, Pill Identification Tool, First Aid Essentials, and Local Health Listings. The app also takes advantage of Google Maps integration, showing where the nearest facilities are located as well as allowing you to share information with other people easily. It’s a really well done application and suggest it for anyone who likes to self diagnose or is worried that something might happen to them. It’s an app that is always nice to have handy. [Market Link]

Menno - SyncSMS ($2.99)

Android Central

Last week I was lucky to snag one of the Unicorn Tablets, aka the ASUS EeePad Transformer, and I love it. I SyncSMSlove it so much that I find myself using it as my primary Android device, which incidentally is great for your phone battery. But I found myself going back to my phone every time I wanted to send a text message. That's when I chanced upon SyncSMS. Using your Dropbox account, this application will sync your text messages from your phone over to your tablet and back again. You have to sign into the app on both devices, but then you're good to go. At the moment, the service is "Pull" meaning you can configure how often your tablet looks for updates, but the developer is currently testing push functionality. Unfortunately, the application doesn't work with Google Voice, but it worked flawlessly with my Verizon number. If you're lucky enough to have an Android tablet, you should give this application a try. [Market Link]

Joshua Munoz - Amazon Free App of the Day Notifier (Free)

Amazon App

AmazonA free app every day in Amazon's Appstore is pretty awesome, but the only problem for me is always remembering to open the app up to see what's being given away on any given day. Fortunately, the Amazon Free App of the Day Notifier takes care of that problem. You set a reminder time for the notifier to check for Amazon's latest free app, and at the time you specify, it'll generate a notification telling you what the app is and it's normal price. You can also enable (or disable) vibration, LED, and sound notification. For the occasionally forgetful, the Amazon Free App of the Day Notifier is one app I'd not go without. [Download]

Jerry Hildenbrand - Riptide GT (Free Demo, $6.99 full)


There's a reason so many of us have been wanting a Tegra 2 powered Android device since we first Riptidesaw the Kin, and this is it. Riptide GP is watercraft racing game, and the gameplay and graphics rival anything you'll find on a console, which is no surprise as the developers are also behind Hydro Thunder Hurricane for the Xbox 360. Riptide GP brings 12 tracks, six jet skis, and OpenFeint support all together in one of the best Android games to date. The graphics are awesome (when you unlock the "Right Stuff" achievement you'll be amazed), the controls are fluid and easy, and the addition of tricks and stunts (*spoiler*) just puts it over the top. Riptide GP is only officially supported on Tegra 2 devices running Froyo or higher, and it will cost you $6.99. That's much cheaper than any of the Xbox or PlayStation games on the bargain rack at your local big-box store, so I'm not complaining. I suggest you give the demo (one track and one jet ski) for free and see what you think. [Market Link]

Anndrew Vacca - Go SMS Pro (Free)


I go through third-party SMS software like I go through.... well I go through a lot. But one I have Go SMSgrown pretty loyal to is GO SMS Pro, a powerful, clean, and free SMS client that runs laps around the competition. It's got all the goodies we've come to expect, including pop-up notifications, customizations out the wazoo, and a powerful backup and restore system onboard, all while lacking the laggyness of Handcent and the bulkiness of Chomp. And if Facebook is still your addiction of choice, check out GO's Facebook chat integration, which works like a charm. If you haven't found the perfect fit elsewhere, take GO for a spin; it really lives up to its Pro surname. You'll be pleasantly surprised, trust me. [Market Link]

Alex Dobie - BBC News (Free, UK-only for now)


The BBC has followed up its iPlayer app with an impressive news application for Android 1.6 and above, just launched on the Android Market this week. The official BBC News app displays stories from various news categories in a Pulse-like tiled arrangement -- simply swipe left or right to jump from story to story, or down to view more categories. When viewing a story, swiping left and right will switch between entries in each category, which is a great way to avoid unnecessary clicking. Live broadcasts from the BBC News Channel can also be accessed via the "Live" button at the top of the screen, and many of the individual stories also include embedded video. The BBC News app is available now for free to UK users. An international version is currently in the works. [Market Link]