You love apps, right? Well, let me warn you -- this week we got a ton of them for you. So, without any further delays let's hit the break together and check out some of our favorites from this week.

Richard Devine - Snake 97 (Free)

Snake 97

There's not really much to say about this one. It's Snake, the original classic Snake. Thinking back Snake 97to the amount of time spent playing this still amazes me.

It's a very faithful recreation, right down to the Nokia keypad that you use to control the game. It's fantastic. Just tap the number buttons to go left or right, and try your hardest not to eat yourself.

It also serves as a reminder of just how far we've come. At one time this was the best thing around. Looks pretty pale next to Shadowgun, but that doesn't make this classic any less enjoyable. [Google Play Link]

Chris Parsons - Pinball Arcade (Free)


Pinball ArcadeThere has been a lot of great Pinball games arrive in the Google Play Store but Pinball Arcade has quickly won my heart by incorporating many "real" Pinball game systems. Arabian Nights, Ripley's Believe it or Not and various other actual arcade Pinball machines are brought to Android with Pinball Arcade plus, each month they update to newer ones. The app itself is free and the Arabian Nights board is free however, in-app purchases are available for some of the others. [Google Play Link]

Joshua Munoz - Dude Perfect ($0.99)

Dude Perfect

So basically, it's Angry Birds, but with basketball. No, you're not trying to knock down structures 

Dude Perfectto take down pigs, but you are trying to make impossible shots from way far away. How do you make your shots, you wonder? The Angry Birds way, of course. Set your angle and power, then let'r rip. It's surprisingly fun, and better yet, just tricky enough that you'll find yourself pulled in for longer than you'll be proud to admit. Add in different "players" with special abilities (like the ability to throw high or get an extra shot) and other environments and you've got a recipe for 100% Android fun. [Google Play Link]

Sean Brunett - Bracket Bound (Free)

Bracket Bound

We’re in the midst of the NCAA Tournament and what better way to track all of the games than Bracket Boundright from your mobile device? ESPN’s apps have been hit or miss, but the one I thought they did correctly was Bowl Bound, which was one of the premiere college football apps. Bracket Bound is designed just like Bowl Bound and because of that, it is also one of the best apps ESPN has done. The UI is great and it is very easy to navigate. With the app, you can see live scores, track your bracket, follow a specific team, as well as view videos and analysis. It’s free from the Google Play Store and highly recommended if you’re a fan of college basketball of March Madness. [Google Play Link]

Alex Dobie - ZOOKEEPER DX TouchEdition ($0.99)


Classic Game Boy puzzler Zoo Keeper (or ZOOKEEPER, if you prefer) recently launched on Android, bringing its simple but addictive block-swapping antics to phones and tablets alike. The story goes something like this -- the animals are escaping, and because the Zoo manager is too busy ZooKeepersmoking his cigar and waving his hands around to do anything about it, it falls to you to round them up.

In practice, what you get is a similar gameplay experience to Bejeweled -- you've got to match animals into groups of three or more by swapping them around in a grid. In classic mode you've got to match and collect a certain number of each animal to proceed, with a ticking clock in the background. Your time is increased by matching and collecting animals, and you'll get more time (and more points) for bigger combos. As you progress, you'll have to pick up the pace as the clock counts down even faster. When your time's up, you'll get a hilariously acerbic (and sometimes nonsensical) put-down from your cigar-smoking boss. Such is the life of a zoo keeper. 

Zoo Keeper DX Touch Edition is available on Android 2.1+ devices, and costs £0.69 for a "limited time." [Google Play Link]

Anndrew Vacca - NYC Subway by Embark (Free)

NYC Subway

As a New Yorker, few things are more important to me than the subway system. Whether I'm rushing to work in the morning or rushing to the bar at night, I need to know where the closest station is, and how long it'll take me from point A to point B. Throw train delays, alternate NYCschedules, and maintenance into the mix, and a simple ride to the grocery store can turn into a full-blown journey.

Handy apps litter the Play Store with promises of accurate arrivals and departures, but few are as reliable by Embark's app. It gives me an interactive map so that I can plot my trip in advance, as well as an offline trip planner that let's me plot my next move while underground. The schedules are good, but not great; you won't want to rely on it too heavily if you're on you're way to work, but for less stressful trips, it's more than ample. Of all the MTA apps I've tried so far (and trust me, there have been quite a few), this one takes the cake. [Google Play Link]

Jerry Hildenbrand - Amazon Price Check (Free)

Amazon Price Check

I'm sure many of us buy from Amazon. Heck, since I signed up for Prime last year I spend more time shopping at Amazon.com than I do at WalMart. There's not much I want or need that I can't find on Amazon or can't wait two days for it to magically appear on my doorstop. Here's an great Amazon Price Checklittle trick, and the relevant Android app to make it that much easier. It might even save you some money. Pick something (things with a barcode work the best) and shoot a picture of it to find it on Amazon, and find the best price.

I just bought new lamps for my fish tank, and all I had to do was take a picture of the packaging the old ones came in and click the button. They'll be here Friday morning, I saved about 20 bucks, and I never had to put on pants and leave the house to get them. It's also pretty damn handy when you're out shopping. Need an HDMI cable, and not sure if the one on the shelves at Best Buy is overpriced? (Hint: it is.) Snap a pic of the barcode, and see what the same cable is selling for on Amazon. If nothing else, you might save some money not paying taxes. You'll also see that there are plenty of other brands of similar cables that just might be cheaper. The app is free, and runs on devices with Android 2.1 or higher. Grab it and give it a try. [Google Play Link]

Jared DiPane - Strava Cycling (Free)

Strava Cycling

Lately I have been trying to keep motivated in my mission to lose weight, and a big part of this for Stravame has been applications. When I want to know how far I rode my bike, or how fast I went on average I turn to Strava Cycling. This application tracks my stats for me while out riding and keeps them nice and organized so I can easily view them again in the future. Beyond just recording my rides the application allows me to compete with friends, to compare my stats to previous rides and see improvements, and helps keep me motivated. The download and account are free, so if you are a bike rider, you will definitely want to check this one out! [Google Play Link]

Michelle Haag - Perfect Keyboard Pro ($2.99) *CONTEST*

Perfect Keyboard

Keyboards are a dime a dozen in the Google Play Store, there are keyboards on top of keyboards now-a-days. Choice is not a bad thing, especially since everyone has slightly different typing habits. Perfect Keyboard ProPerfect Keyboard Pro is a great keyboard replacement that offers a ton of options and some great customizations that allow it to really cater to you. From the use of various skins to make it look the way you want, to different layouts and more, there is likely a configuration that just about anyone will like. Speech to text, word replacement (BlackBerry style) and tons of other features make the $2.99 price tag well worth it. If you are on the edge about this one they also have a free version which lacks some of the features, but it will allow you to see if it will work out well for you.

The developers have even been kind enough to give us 25 copies to give away to you, so be sure to hop in the forums and enter for your chance to win! [Google Play Link]