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What good is a phone without apps? Whether you want to edit pictures, stay productive, or play some games there are tons of great options available through Google Play. Each week we take some time to share some of our favorites, so let's hit the break and check them out!

Chris Parsons - 8-Bit Heart Battery Container (~$1.00)

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If you're a Zelda fan then you'll no doubt be familiar with the Heart Container but if you're not 8 bit heart-- well, you can think of this is just a really cool battery meter. As your battery drains, your hearts will diminish in front of your eyes.. starting off with 3 and going down from there. In addition to it being a really cool 8-bit battery meter, you also gain controls with just one tap.. Although I don't use them myself and am just happy with it being a battery meter, it does allow direct access to Bluetooh, Wifi, GPS, Display Settings, Battery Stats, and even volume controls. Sadly, not available for free but it's less then cup of coffee and totally awesome. [Google Play Link]

Richard Devine - Aviary Photo Editor (Free)

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Another photo pick from me this week. Aviary Photo Editor is actually labelled as a plug in rather than an app, but in effect it's a free, pretty full featured photo editing application.

AviaryThe range of effects and editing tools is pretty broad. I'm a big fan of the whole retro style effects made popular by Instagram. This has an abundance of those to choose from.
The menus are laid out really well, with a bar across the bottom you can just swipe left and right through.

Aside from this you get the usual cropping tools, text, drawing. It's so easy to use too. Select a photo on your gallery, click edit and you're in. It's already my go to on the fly editing solution. [Google Play Link]

Alex Dobie - EDGE & EDGE Extended (Free / £1.92)

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EDGE has long been popular on iOS, and in the past couple of months it's made the transition across to Android. It's a a simple yet stylish platform/puzzle title in which players take control of a colored cube. The goal is to guide it across a blocky environment to reach the the EDGEglowing finish spot, taking care not to fall to your doom as you go. You'll also pick up smaller colored prisms in each level, and the more prisms you find, the higher your eventual rank.

It's a simple premise, but you'll soon find yourself navigating ever more hazardous maps, with buttons, moving structures and collapsible bridges. Fortunately the touch-based controls are intuitive and accurate, making EDGE great fun on tablets and phones alike.

The original EDGE contains 48 levels to challenge your brain (and fingers), and the EDGE Extended stand-alone level pack delivers another 48. There's also a free demo available which lets you try the first twelve EDGE levels.

EDGE and EDGE Extended both sell for £1.92 on Google Play for devices running Android 2.2 or higher. They're also available as part of the Humble Bundle for Android at [Google Play Link]

Jared DiPane - MyNotes (Free)

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Lately I have been trying and trying to find more uses for the 10 GB of space that I have MyNotesthrough DropBox. I have tried syncing pictures, files, but what I find to be best lately is task management and list management. Now a file can be started on the computer, edited on my devices, and then synced back so it is the same anywhere it is viewed. This has been a huge help in keeping organized for which fitness apps I want to look at, what supplies I need from the grocery store, and even what movies I want to watch. If you are a list person, and want your lists to be available with you any and everywhere, check this out. [Google Play Link]