Android apps

On Monday we brought you some application choices for all the new Evo 4G owners, but we are so dedicated to the rest of you out there we wanted to bring you some more suggestions! Hit the jump and see what we have in store for you this time around! 

Jerry Hildenbrand - Scanner Radio

scanner radio

There's something that just feels good about listening in on the antics of crooks and assorted bad guys. That's what drives sales of police scanners. Well, that and folks not wanting the "man" to show up unannounced :P . You don't need a police scanner when you have an Android phone though. Scanner Radio lets you listen to over two thousand different live audio feeds from police, emergency dispatch, weather, railroad and other various agencies around the world. Quite entertaining to listen to when you're feeling nosey, or need to keep tabs on the whereabouts of your local boys in blue. [Market Link | AppBrain]

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Phil Nickinson - Tower Raiders GOLD


Yes, it's another tower defense game. And I can't quite put my finger on it, but this one's stuck with me. Maybe it's the variety of weapons. Maybe it's the frustration of realizing (too late) that I didn't quite have my defenses in the right place, and I could have done things different. Regardless, Tower Raiders is an easy pick for long-term play (i.e. should be working but I'm not) or short-term (have just a few minutes to kill while I should be working) play. The GOLD edition for newer phones, such as the Incredible, Evo, Droid and Nexus One. $4.99 [Market Link | AppBrain]

Adam Sawyer - UrbanSpoon


Are you a restaurant connoisseur? When you want to go out to lunch, do you have a hard time on deciding on a place? Check out Urbanspoon: It's one of the biggest restaurant review websites in the US, and this app even has a slot-machine like feature which will choose a place for you. Like most apps these days, it has GPS built-in, so it can navigate you right to the restaurant it picks in a jiffy. You can also find reviews for practically every bar, diner, tavern, steakhouse, cantina, or bistro in America -- and if you feel like it, you can leave an opinion of your own, too. [Market Link | AppBrain]

Dallin Hampton - World Cup 2010


Whether you’re a Soccer fan or not, World Cup 2010 lets you follow your team and show a little pride in your team with notifications and a nice RSS feed to keep you up to speed with the live scores and coverage. Although Soccer is an aggressive sport, its unfortunate the advertising is just as aggressive but overall World Cup 2010 is still a great app to let you follow the excitement and root for your nation! [Market Link | AppBrain]

Jared DiPane - Zeam Launcher


In the endless hunt to customize my device to truly be my own I stumbled across the Zeam Launcher upon release. Well, this thing has come a LONG way, and grabbed my attention. With a very nice appeal, one unlike many others, the ability to have 5 small icons on the bottom row is huge for me, and for anyone else who loves to show off their nicely crafted wallpapers. The options of this launcher are similar to others, except it will also allow for a full screen mode, where you have no top banner, which is pretty neat for those of you who use widgets for the clock, like myself. For a free launcher, its well worth checking out, and watching it craft into something great with all the updates. [Market Link | AppBrain]