Finally, has gone live, and man is it pretty sweet. If you have been spending hours poking around and looking for something new, you may have found some great apps, but many of you may still be struggling to find something new. If that is you, and you are interested in finding some new applications for your device, be sure to hit the jump with us and see what some of our favorites from this week were.

 Menno - Gun Bros


Like most of you, I rushed to check out the market website as soon as I saw it was live. The splash screen on that page told me about Gun Bros, and I’ve been wasting time with it since. The game idea is simple, you’re a dude with a really big gun and you’re supposed to keep things from killing you. Killing beasts gives you points that you can spend on better armor, weapons, and upgrades. The game itself is graphically intensive, so it most likely won’t play nice with older devices or entry-level phones. Even on my Incredible, it required a reset before the game loaded fully, but it was worth it once it did. The App is free, though it appears they may offer a premium version/in-app payments in the future. [Market Link]

Sean Brunett - WGR - Sports Radio 550


I grew up in upstate New York. And since I don’t live there now, I often miss some of thWGRe sports stations that I had grown accustomed to listening to on a daily basis. Apps like I Heart Radio and Tune-in Radio are fantastic, but there is something to be said about a stand alone app for a station you really like. WGR 550, one of the best sports radio station in Buffalo, recently launched their Android application and it’s fantastic. The app streams live as well as provides top stories and editorials from the team at WGR. You’ll get every Buffalo Sabres game live, so you’ll never have an excuse to miss one again. If you’re a fan of Buffalo sports, which I know can be very difficult (believe me I know), WGR Sports Radio 550 is a must have app for your collection. [Market Link]

Chris Parsons - Torrent - Fu


Although there are many torrent clients and downloaders out there, Torrent- Fu is not one of them. What Torrent -Fu is however is a front end for you’re already existing torrent clients whether they are on a server or on your home computer. Torrent - Fu allows you to control every aspect of your torrent downloads when away from your house or do not have access to whatever client it is that you are using. With an integrated search feature and bar code scanning using Torrent -Fu to download items when away from your computer is a snap. [Market Link]

Kyle Gibb - Circle Launcher


Circle Launcher is, in the simplest terms, a folder for your home screen on steroids. It does for folders what Handcent does for text messages. You can store any kind of circleapp you want inside of it and they pop out with a simple press of the widget. The rest of the screen goes slightly dark as the apps pop up arrayed in a circle or in a horizontal or vertical line. The app has tons of customization options available ranging from changing the color and icon of the launcher all the way to being able to back up and restore your settings for the widget. You can even have the launcher switch between apps, contacts, and browser bookmarks. This app is a must buy for any user that has folders anywhere on their home screen. For those of you that dislike folders, Circle Launcher may just change your views on them. Both free and paid versions are available in the Market. [Market Link]

Jared DiPane - Humans vs Aliens


human-vs-aliensIf you like gaming on your Android device, this game is one you absolutely will not want to miss out on. Humans vs Aliens,  is an amazing game in which you begin a journey to save the world from the invading aliens. If you have been waiting for Plants vs Zombies to come to Android, this game play will please you greatly. You must battle your way through five different levels, with nine different types of aliens trying to bring you down, all while trying to unlock the 18 achievements available in the game. The graphics are amazing, and the developer is always seeking feedback, so be sure to grab the game for $0.99 before the game jumps in price! [Market Link]

Will Shanklin - Thumb Keyboard


If you caught Phil's hands-on with the amazing-looking Swiftkey for tablets, you tab-owners may have been disappointed to find that it isn't going to be available for (probably) another couple of months. What many people don't know is that Swiftkey, thumberm, "borrowed" the idea from another keyboard: Thumb Keyboard (Phone/Tablet). Tablet owners who use Swype or SlideIt can attest that landscape mode can prove extremely annoying for trace keyboards, and the 7-inch screen doesn't always work for tapping traditionally either. Thumb Keyboard takes this problem and owns it with a vengeance. Want split screen so your thumbs can easily tap out? Check. Quick word prediction that can be entered with a tap of the space bar? Check. Different themes and layouts matching various UI's (including phone/7" tablet/10" tablet and more)? Yup. While I still prefer Swype on phones, Thumb Keyboard tap out a text faster and more comfortably than traditional qwerty keyboards. With a variety of themes to choose from, the option to choose a different layout for portrait/landscape, and the best damn tablet-typing I've found, Thumb Keyboard is a predecessor to the upcoming Swiftkey for tablets that isn't to be ignored. [Market Link]