app picks

Whether you enjoy cruising the market, or struggle to find applications for your favorite Android device, suggestions of great applications are usually welcomed. We spend lots of time looking for fun new applications, and are always looking for the next great thing to load on our devices. Weekly we enjoy to share some of our favorite applications with you, so hit the jump and see what we got in store for you this week.

Sean Brunett - E*Trade Mobile Pro


E*Trade Mobile Pro is a great app for those who use E*Trade for their investments. The etradeapp opens with a Dashboard that included the most recent Market values as well as recent quotes for stock symbols of your choice and news clippings. With a tap of the Menu button, you can log onto your account, buy and sell, evaluate your portfolios, compile a "watch list" of stocks that you want to keep your eye on as well as alerts. The app also comes with a widget that displays real-time Market data. If you use E*Trade and have been wanting a dedicated app to keep track of your portfolios, E*Trade Mobile Pro is it. It’s free and available from the Android Market. [Market Link]

Chris Parsons - Instapaper Client


ipaperWhile an official app has yet to be released by Instapaper, Instapaper Client works quite fine as a replacement. Its basic and simple UI offers an easy to read interface for all your articles sent to Instapaper for offline reading. Rather then having to pull down that data each and every time Instapaper client caches it for reading at a later time. It’s free and awesome for any already existing fans of the Instapaper service. [Market Link]

Jerry Hildenbrand -- Mountain Chase


mountain chaseI caught wind of this one from our forums, and I’m glad I did. I’m a sucker for two things -- old-school pixel games, and zombies, and Mountain Chase uses 'em both well. It’s a downhill skiing game, much like Ski Free from old DOS and Windows 3.1 days, and it’s simple enough to be enjoyable. Add in bandits or zombies, ramps, and obstacles and it’s a perfect way to waste a few minutes. It’s free, works on Android 1.6 and higher, and fun as hell. [Market Link]

Andrew Melnizek - The Cat in the Hat - Dr. Seuss


catinhatOceanhouse Media, Inc. has brought to life one of children’s most beloved, fun stories. “The Cat in the Hat,” by Dr. Seuss, is known around the world for its bright colors, quirky, characters, and of course, the mischievous Cat in the Hat. Oceanhouse Meida, Inc. has done an excellent job bringing the pages of this timeless book to life. Each page delivers animated images, audio for each scene, and professional narration. Kids and adults can choose to have the app run in auto play, or read it at their own pace. This cat is available for $3.99 -- give it a shot! [Market Link]