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import human.lover.woman
import box.belgian.chocolates

public class Dinner extends RomanceProvider

private class Candles extends boom-chica-wow-wow

For those of you who don't know what in the world was just said, have no fear you are not alone. Our very own Jerry Hildenbrand has decided to serenade us with a geeked out Valentines Day poem. Let's hit the break together and take a look at some great Valentines Day applications for your favorite Android device. Especially if you've forgotten it was Valentines Day and are now rushing to figure something out.

Sean Brunett - Say “I love you” in 40+ languages


i-love-youIn the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would pick a romantic app that is also fun and useful. ‘Say I love you in 40 languages’ does just what it says: aggregates ways to say I love you in a variety of languages. You can see the translation and also hear someone say it which will better help you pronounce it. There is also a live wallpaper included for devices 2.1+ that shows a bunch of colorful circles flowing to make various shapes. This is a free app and will allow you to express your affection to your loved one in multiple languages. [Market Link]

Jerry Hildenbrand - Valentine’s Day Orb Clock Widget


My wife switches phones around a lot, but she always comes back to Android. She just valentinesloves widgets, both because they can be informative mini-apps and because they allow you to customize your phone to the extreme. She’s a firm believer in making her phone “pretty”, and couldn’t find the clock widget she wanted for Valentine’s Day. Android geek hubby to the rescue! I whipped this one up for her little Optimus (she loves that phone, and traded me back my Nexus One for it). She said I should share it, so I dropped it in the Market. Tapping it will open up the stock Desk Clock app like a clock widget should, but sorry, it doesn’t support 3rd party clocks from manufacturers like Motorola or HTC. It’s small, won’t waste your battery, and my wife loves it. Happy Valentine’s Day honey XXXOOO [Market Link]

Jared DiPane - Love Quotes


loveWell, let's be real with ourselves, we all know our significant others love to hear the things we can't think of at times. If you are looking for those quotes, phrases or something romantic to say, but can't just come up with it, this is the perfect app for you. Whether you want something to write in a card, to say before dinner, or a phrase to drop in a text message or email on that special day all you need to do is sort through the wide variety of different quotes available. Not much more to say, besides try it for yourself, and put a smile on that loved ones face! [Market Link]

Chris Parsons - iKamasutra Sex Positions

Sometimes you just need to spice things up and try something new, rather then sticking the same old routine. iKamasutra will help you do that. With visual representations of what it is you should be doing and guides on how to get there you and your loved one will have some great ideas on how to keep things sexy for the both of you. iKamasutra is now available for 70% off throughout Valentines Day in the Android Market and please folks, no one try anything that might lead any injuries OK? Have fun ;) [Market Link]