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The never ending hunt for awesome Android apps can really take its toll on not only your battery, but also your brain. Lucky for you we take the time each week to bring you some of our favorites so you can check them out as well, so let's hit the break and check out what we got in store for this week.

Alex Dobie - Osmos HD ($4.99)

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Osmos is a hugely successful iOS and PC title that finally arrived on Android a few weeks ago. It's  probably best described as a puzzler, but it's a game which really straddles multiple genres. You take on the role of a galactic mote, a glowing, pulsating, cosmic life form that floats freely Osmosthrough space. Gameplay is focused around absorbing other motes to grow larger -- though be careful, if you come across motes larger than yourself, they'll be the ones doing the absorbing. In most levels, you're tasked with moving around -- ejecting mass as you go -- and absorbing other motes so as to become the biggest. In other game modes, you'll need to absorb a particular mote to win, which is easier said than done when they come equipped with intelligence of their own.

Osmos has a chilled-out, ambient soundtrack, a really unique visual style and detailed graphics -- the game looks fantastic on a high-resolution device like the Galaxy Note, or a full-sized Android tablet. Production values are high all-round, and gameplay is challenging and varied without being too frustrating. It's well worth picking up, especially at its current low price.

Speaking of which, Osmos is available on the Android Market for £3.18, and a free demo version is also on offer, with a limited selection of levels. You can also get Osmos along with four other leading games as part of the Humble Bundle for Android at [Market Link]

Richard Devine - Transparent Screen (Free)

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This is a pretty nice idea, and with some refining could be a really useful application. In a nutshell it Transparent Screenbroadcasts an image from your camera behind whatever you're doing on your phone. The premise is to allow you to use your phone and see any potential obstacles that you would otherwise not see.

The resolution has to be kept low sadly as otherwise it lags quite a bit.  But the level of transparency can also be altered to suit your tastes. It's a work in progress but the idea is so good hopefully it'll get better and become less of a resource hog as time goes on. It's already saved me from walking into a lamppost as well so it does work! [Market Link]

Anndrew Vacca - OpenTable (Free)

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With Valentine's Day practically hours away, the pressure is on to impress your hunny. The clock is ticking, so if you haven't reserved a table at the hottest restaurant in your city yet, grab OpenTable Open Tableand do it immediately. OpenTable aggregates all of the restaurants in your town, and allows you to search for the perfect fit based on your location, the cuisine that you're in the mood for, or simply by name. You can read reviews, see the restaurant on a map, and even gauge the price range before you dive in.

Then, either using your OpenTable account or as a guest, you can reserve a table on the date and time of your choice. Keystrokes are minimal and OpenTable will only display times and dates that are available, avoiding the risk of double booking a table. While the smartphone app is great for on the go, OpenTable's tablet UI puts the extra screen real estate to great use. For restaurant reservations, OpenTable is the app to beat. [Market Link]

Chris Parsons - TouchNote Postcards (Free)

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You may or may not think about sending postcards from your trips these days. With the amount of technology out there, sending actual physical postcards has sort of become a thing of the past for Touchnotesome. But that doesn't mean you can't combine the technology of today, with a thing of the past. Touchnote Postcards is an app that will help you create and send postcards from your images whether you just want to send something special or are off on a trip somewhere and wanting to send something back home. Snap a pic, choose your postcard style and let them do the rest. Photos get printed full-size as glossy, 4.5x6 inch, at 300dpi resolution and cost only $1.49 to send. The app itself however; is free to download from the Android Market. [Market Link]

Jared DiPane - WJD Zone ($1.99)

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The secret is out, I love wallpapers. I change wallpapers more than anything else on a device, I need to have a well crafted wallpaper on my device at all times, and I find this hard to accomplish at WJD Zonetimes. With tons of existing wallpaper applications out there that just don't suit my needs I had to check out the WJD Zone after having seen some of the teased wallpapers. Sure, you may think who would pay for an application that gives you wallpapers, that should be free, right? Well, wrong.  These wallpapers are all custom made, and you can request for wallpaper designs right through the application which is simply awesome! If you are looking for some well crafted, beautifully designed wallpapers you won't want to skip out on this application. [Market Link]