Android Central Editors' app picks

Another week, another round of our favorite applications. Up this week: Tethering, a great Google Voice utility, baseball scores and an on-screen keyboard. Check 'em out after the break.

Casey Chan - PdaNet

PDANet on Android

I needed a quick and easy tethering solution over the weekend because my Time Warner connection crapped out. PdaNet was that solution. It's almost as easy as plug and play and though the free version has some limitations, such as no secure (https) sites and only allows you to tether via USB, I was surfing the web at great speeds in no time. You have to install PdaNet software on your computer, but if you're okay with that, you have a simple fix for your internet woes. When you need internet on your laptop and all you have is your phone, PdaNet is there. Trial version available (blocks secure sites) [App Brain]; $18.95 full version (Web site link)

VPN Deals: Lifetime license for $16, monthly plans at $1 & more

Jerry Hildenbrand - Baseball Scores

Baseball scores

Baseball scores is a no-frills application that does one thing only, but does it really well. It shows you the daily scores from MLB in a single view, and everything in that view is a link. When the days games are done, you also can click through to get the full box scores, as well as a play by play summary of all nine innings. Anytime I need to see just how many points behind the Orioles are, it's all at my fingertips. This is a must have if you're a baseball fan. Free [Market link | App Brain]

Phil Nickinson - Bring Ring

Bring Ring - Android

If you're a Google Voice user and want a quick and easy way to flip the switch on your phones, look no further than Bring Ring. This is it, right here. Once simple screen with a list of your phones that are connected to Google Voice, and toggle switches for each. On means the phone will ring, off means it won't. It's great, for example, when your boss is trying to find you across the crowded convention center and your wife keeps picking up the home phone first. $1.00 [Market linkApp Brain]

Jared DiPane - Smart Keyboard Pro

Smart Keyboard Pro Android

There are tons of Android keyboards, and even more skins that can be used on your phone. With rather large hands, and not-so-touchscreen-friendly thumbs, typing on my Droid can be a bit of a task. I have found that Smart Keyboard Pro has provided the perfect combination of a nice large keyboard that is easy to use, as well as one of the best dictionaries that I have seen. A lot of times with third-party keyboards you have to sacrifice one or the other, and this one allows both. Also, on Android 2.0 and higher, the keyboard supports multitouch, which is great for some speed typing on the go. Overall, Smart Keyboard Pro has made my use of the Droid touchscreen a much nicer experience. ~$1.66 [Market link | App Brain]