Ventev Dual USB Wall Charger [Accessory Review]

Before heading out to CES, Phil hopped on the ZenAndTech podcast to discuss the method to his madness in how he properly prepares himself and his electronics before heading out the door. This discussion made me realize that I am always hunting for power, and that most of the time I am looking for an extra place to plug in a device that charges via micro-usb. With this in mind I went out looking for a simple, small, compact solution and that is when I found the Ventev Dual USB wall charger. After reading about it and realizing that it could not only charge my phones, but also tablets and even my fiance's Apple devices I knew this was what I needed. Let's hit the break to check it out.

When packing it is very important that things be small enough to pack, but not tiny enough to lose, and the Ventev is just that. Upon receiving the charger the first thing I noticed was that it was in a small package and I was a bit skeptical that I may have ordered the wrong thing at first. The package opens from the bottom and out slides the micro-USB cable and then the charger. That is all that comes included, just two simple pieces, and you add your own second USB cable.

The charger itself is rather basic, it has a flip down prongs which plug into the wall, and the fact that they aren't stationary helps make it even smaller. On the bottom side of the charger is where you will find the two slots where you are able to plug in your USB cables. Whether you want to just use one, or both it is very easy to insert and remove the USB cable, they don't fit extremely close together so you won't accidentally unplug them both. On the front of the charger there is a big white circle, once the charger is plugged into the wall and has power this will glow a bright white letting you know that it is indeed working.

Overall the concept is quite simple, it helps you keep charged on the go, the big thing here is that it can charge two devices with one outlet and in the size of just a single charger. Whether you will be traveling in the coming months or you just want to consolidate at the office or your home, this is a great addition to any geeks bag.

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Jared DiPane
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