Android 5.1 rolling out to 2014 Moto X and Moto E LTE on U.S. Cellular

If you happen to be rocking a 2014 Moto X or Moto E LTE on U.S. Cellular, you might want to hit that system update button, as the carrier has officially started rolling the Android 5.1 update out to both devices today.

According to U.S. Cellular's software update page, the version number for the 2014 Moto X update should be LPE23.32-21, while the Moto E LTE will carry a version number of LPI23.29-15 (if you're interested in such things). The update brings Android 5.1 to both phones, which comes a few notable tweaks and changes that we've highlighted before.

The update may take a while to hit your device, but you can see if it's available by checking for a software update from your settings menu. In the meantime, if you have snagged the update, be sure to hit up our forums and let us know how it's treating you.

Source: U.S. Cellular

Dan Thorp-Lancaster