What's new in Android 5.1? Some big and small changes in the updated Lollipop release

Android 5.1 Lollipop is upon us, and the update is just starting to become available for Nexus device owners, beginning with factory images for the Nexus 5, Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 (2012). Android 5.1 is the first big maintenance release for Lollipop, fixing bugs and improving performance and stability over the original 5.0 release. As such, many of the most important changes will have taken place behind the scenes, as Google tightens up the nuts and bolts of Lollipop.

On the surface, Android 5.1 is almost identical to 5.0, however look a little closer and there are plenty more subtle changes to get to grips with. Read on to learn what's new in the latest Lollipop release.

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Quick Settings tweaks


The quick settings panel has been polished up a bit in Android 5.1. Each of the icons (including the Auto-rotate option, shown over on the right) now comes to life with a new animation when you tap it.

What's more, it's now easier to hop between Wifi access points and Bluetooth devices with the new dropdown arrows next to these settings.

Quick settings

HD voice and dual SIM support, and new APIs

Lollipop dialer

Though we've heard reports of HD voice already working for some folks on T-Mo — and occasionally experienced it for ourselves on some European networks using the Nexus 6 — Android 5.1 makes it nice and official, and built into the OS. Nexus 6 users on T-Mobile and Verizon (when that version of the phone launches) will be able to enjoy higher-quality voice calls when the 5.1 update arrives.

Dual SIM dialer

Android 5.1 also introduces dual SIM support as a built-in Android feature. True, there's no shortage of dual-SIM phones running older versions of Google's OS. But now that this capability is baked into Android in 5.1, it should make things easier for smaller manufacturers shipping Android 5.1 phones in developing markets.

New APIs for developers in Android 5.1 will make it easier for developers to have their apps intelligently interact with dual-SIM phones too. And on a similar note, new APIs for a carrier apps will help operators control network provisioning and other important software stuff through apps on Google Play, without requiring a firmware update with every new version.

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T-Mobile customers will need to wait a little longer for the promised Wifi calling update for the Nexus 6. T-Mo's Des Smith confirms in a tweet that Wifi calling will be a separate update, not included in the 5.1 OTA.

See more

Revamped Screen Pinning

Android 5.1 brings some much-needed clarity to Lollipop's somewhat confusing screen pinning feature, which was designed to make it easier to lock kids or guest users into a particular app. The initial page of instructions is a bit clearer, telling users to scroll up to see the "pin" icon. And the checkbox to ask for a PIN or security pattern when leaving the pinned app now lives in the App Pinning menu in Settings > Security regardless of whether you have lock screen security enabled, making this option more discoverable.

And when you first pin an app, Android also does a better job of showing you exactly which buttons to press to leave pinned mode.

App Pinning

Device Protection — Stopping thieves from factory resetting your phone

Android security settings

Much like Samsung and Apple's reactivation lock features, Device Protection in Android 5.1 will help to secure your device even if it's lost or stolen. With this feature enabled, a thief won't be able to use your device — even after factory resetting it — without having your Google account login details. Originally promised for the initial Lollipop release, Device Protection will feature on "most Android phones and tablets shipped with Android 5.1," according to Google. (That's a grand total of zero phones and tablets at the time of writing, but devices running 5.1 out of the box are sure to come later in the year.)

In addition, the feature will come to the Nexus 6 and Nexus 9, which suggests it'll likely integrate with Lollipop's full disk encryption feature.

"With Device Protection, your lost or stolen device will remain locked until you sign in with your Google account - even if someone resets your device to factory settings. This feature will be available on most Android phones and tablets shipped with Android 5.1 in addition to Nexus 6 and Nexus 9."—Dave Burke, VP, Android Platform

We won't be able to try out Device Protection until Android 5.1 lands on the Nexus 6 or Nexus 9 — it's not available on any of the devices with early 5.1 factory images. But we already have a pretty good idea of how it'll work, and it's a welcome addition to the OS which should make all of Android more secure.

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Changes to the Volume and Interruptions sliders

Alas, there's still no traditional "mute" mode in Android 5.1 Lollipop (though manufacturers like Samsung and HTC have been able to bring it back on their devices). Google has, however, made some tweaks to the volume slider and interruptions system in the new Lollipop release.

"None," "Priority," and "All" are now accompanied by their corresponding icons, which should make it easier for new users to relate these to their status bar icons. And when enabling "None" or "Priority" mode for a specific time period, you'll see the exact time it'll be enabled until.


If you use Android's "Downtime" feature to control notifications after a certain time, you'll now be able to choose the kinds of interruptions allowed — "Priority" or "None." Previously this feature defaulted to "Priority" mode, with no way to change this.

Android 5.1

In a welcome change to the way the interruptions system works, Android 5.1 now allows you to set "Priority" or "None" mode until your next alarm (if you're within 12 hours of it), or until your downtime ends (if you're currently in downtime). This makes it easier to mute (or almost mute) your phone overnight, while presenting a simple way to switch between downtime modes on the fly.

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And finally, it's now possible to access the interruptions menu when you've got music or videos playing. Tap the new bell icon on the right, and the volume slider will expand out into the familiar Non/Priority/All menu.

Other small changes in Android 5.1

Those are the broad strokes. Here's a summary of the other little bits and pieces we've spotted elsewhere in Android 5.1.

New animations in Clock app

The stock Android clock app now animates the four main icons as you swipe between panels. Wheee!

Clock animations

There's a more functional change too — using the volume rocker in the clock app will now default to changing your alarm volume.

Contacts lose colored overlay and Google+ linkage

Contact card

Tap on a contact in Android 5.1 and you'll see their profile picture without the colored overlay of old. (Buttons and icons still use the accent colors pulled from profile pictures, however.) Beyond that, Google+ profiles for contacts are no longer linked here — make of that what you will.

You'll also see some minor cosmetic changes elsewhere in the Contacts app, including the Settings menu and contact editing screens.

Sticky soft keys fix

The bug causing soft key glow effect to "stick" when swiping up appears to have been fixed in Android 5.1. (Or at least we've yet to notice it on the new release.) You might have noticed it when swiping up to get to Google Now in the earlier version of Lollipop.

Sticky soft keys

Hide 'Heads-up' notifications without dismissing

In Android 5.0.x you could swipe up to dismiss a heads-up notification, but doing so would remove it from the notification tray as well. In Android 5.1, swiping up on a heads-up notification will hide it, but keep it in the notification tray. Swiping to the side will still dismiss the notification completely. (Thanks, still1!)

A new status bar icon when there's no SIM inserted

Isn't it pretty?

No SIM icon

NuPlayer now the default streaming player

NuPlayer is Google's new, faster and more efficient streaming content player/container. In Android 5.1 it replaces AwesomePlayer, which is what has been used by default in the past.

Memory leak fixed?

As per the AOSP issue tracker, the memory leak bug affecting some users on Android 5.0 is likely fixed in 5.1. The glitch was marked as "FutureRelease" in the AOSP bug tracker back in December, and as such should be fixed in this new release of Android.

Those are the biggest changes we're seeing in Android 5.1 thus far — subtle tweaks here and there for a more refined Lollipop experience. And it's worth bearing in mind that you may or may not see some of these in manufacturer-customized Android 5.1 devices when future updates start rolling out.

Seeing any new features or changes we've missed? Hit the comments below and let us know!

Share your thoughts on Android 5.1 — shout out in the comments!

Alex Dobie
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  • Still haven't received it on my n7 2013 Posted via the Android Central App
  • Factory reset, and be done with it Posted via the Android Central App via the Nexus 6, possibly the N5!
  • it's been what, 16 hours since it was officially announced? Calm down.
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  • I LOLed
  • I hope they make it so that when you tap Location it doesn't just simply turn it off or on. Sometimes I want to choose between High Accuracy, Battery Saving, and Device Only. It also sucks that when you turn it off and back on, it defaults to High Accuracy instead of turning on with your previous settings. I find Battery Saving mode works well for almost everything. Via Nexus 6: "Takin updates for granted."
  • Have you tried long press instead of tap on Location? +1 on remembering prior accuracy setting.
  • Yap. It just gave me a cool overlaying animation and turned off when I lifted my finger. Via Nexus 6: "Takin updates for granted."
  • Slap a "Power Control" widget on one of your home screens. I have one at the top of my main screen so I can quickly toggle WiFi/BT/Location and that location button lets you single press for High Accuracy/Battery Saving/Off. Works like a champ.
  • That's Nexus entitlement right there.
  • It's funny, when crApple says an update is available, EVERYONE gets it, that day, by simply going to iTunes and getting it. I have an AT&T SIM, I never got a single update, I had to flash them all after a month. My wife's N7 never hot 5.0. She went from 4.4 to 5.02, several months later. Yeah, Google is Fail McFailington with updates, the whole point we gave up cases and feqtures to go Nexus.
  • The N7 was probably intentional, 5.0 and 5.0.1 were buggy as hell. Dunno about 5.0.2, by then I'd given up and flashed a custom ROM. An excellent decision, if I do say so myself. Wubba lubba dub dub!
  • Yep, just downloaded iOS 8.2 today after it came out yesterday. All I need is the OTA zip for my Nexus 6 and I will sideload it.
  • Which way do you prefer:
    Updates released for everyone the same time, everyone install it, then it appears the update has some major issues. Everyone is either stuck with the issues till the follow-up update is released or downgrade, if it is even possible that easily.
    Higher risk, faster roll-out. Or a staged roll-out, a few get it first, and continue to roll out if there are no major issues reported, you will get it eventually when there are no major issues. If there are, roll-out stops, fix gets into the work, only a few are stuck with the issues/downgrade. Fix is in the works, meanwhile no update, but majority still has a issue less system. Fix done, rolls out, same procedure, if there are no issues, majority skip the faulty update and update directly to the issue less one.
    Lower risk, slower roll-out. In a perfect world, I would choose former, but in today's software state of any brand, I'd stick with the later.
    People so keen on updates should be advanced enough to get their updates manually either way.
  • Considering I've never had any issues with my iOS updates and I'm always on the most current version without worrying if I will get it...I'll choose Apple on that one.
  • Lucky you, last major iOS 8 update made my family wary of installing updates.
  • No issues? I guess you didn't download 8.0.1.
  • I'm on 8.2 currently.
  • Remind us again how many different iPhones get targeted...and how many manufacturers get to fiddle with the latest OS before it gets to you.
    This Nexus privilege is a concern, but I'm happy with Kitkat on my Samsung.
  • iOS did have a borked roll out and fixed it the next day in less than 24 hours. Google stages the rollouts and still have bugs and in some cases causes more bugs so much for the staged roll outs taking several weeks...
  • You gave me a headache
  • The problem is when it takes close to a year to get the update. I trust Google is doing what it needs to and that all other parties (in my case, Motorola and Verizon) are doing the same, but sometimes it feels like they are delaying unnecessarily.
  • Just because apple does it wrong doesn't mean Google has to do it wrong too. 5.0.1/2 is EXACTLY why updates should not be vomited out as table thumpers like you want. Bad updates get identify in the soak test and the OTA can be halted. There's absolutely nothing in the update that you need. Just be patient and wait your turn. Posted via Android Central App
  • Apple has a limited number of devices being it is just for iPhones. Android has a ton of different phones they need to get it to work with. Makes sense it would take longer to roll out updates. Plus each provider wants to tweak it for their service on every brand/model phone they will offer it on. If they would leave it as is it would get out faster.
  • "...each provider wants to tweak it for their service..." Oh please, their "service" is only text, call and a voicemailbox. What's there to "tweak"?
    If you're talking about their optional apps, that should be optional in the first place, then you actually mean: "Providers need time to port their junk to the new OS-revision."
  • And you won't, for two reasons. 1. "razor" (N7 2013 WiFi) factory image has not been built or released on AOSP yet. When it's out, you can find it here: https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images 2. A "factory image" is not an over-the-air update. The factory image comes out first, so people who REALLY want it fast can use ADB and sideload the new image to their devices. Then the OTA is built and put on the Google OTA servers for a rolling release (and made available for download in case you want to use ADB to load that to get in the front of the line).
  • What do you mean still? Lol my god Posted via Android Central App
  • I got it yesterday ! I hope you must have too! :)
  • Just got my 5.1 OTA on Verizon for Nexus 6 today...2 months after the fact.
  • I believe there are more changes to the sound modes than listed here. I read in another site they tweaked priority so apps cannot override it which means it should more reliable keep your phone quiet, notification light works in "none" mode and alarms will fire in "none" mode if you want which then pulls the phone out of "none" and into "all". So they almost gave us Silent Mode back. I'm guessing whoever is in charge of the sound mode is fairly egotistical and doesn't want to admit it was a mistake to remove it which is why they keep adding complexity to an issue that never had a problem in the first place. I haven't used 5.1 myself so I am only commenting on what I read elsewhere. Yes, a normal, easy to use silent mode would be more elegant but hopefully with the tweaks we can more easily emulate it now using the very complex system Google thinks we need. i just hope the duplicate text and missed call bugs with Sprint have been addressed in the Nexus 6. If not my phone may go into a lake.
  • I get the LED when my Nexus 5 is on None and Priority now. That didn't happen before in None and you had to configure each app for Priority.
  • That is pretty nice. Can't wait to test it myself. (don't have the energy to flash so I'll wait for the OTA)
  • Why would one want alarms to go off in None mode? That's an asinine idea, the sound modes were perfect in 5.0. Now we get blinking light when I want "No Interruptions, not even Alarms". If I wanted silence except for alarms and then the phone to be in All mode, that is what Priority was for. They had it right and now it's broken.
  • I want alarms to go off in None mode, or at least have the option. For instance, if I lay down on a Sunday to take a nap, I don't want any of my starred contacts to reach me (which is how I have priority set up for at night in case there is an emergency with a few close people) but I want to set an alarm to make sure I don't sleep too long. And I don't want to have to change the definition of Priority every time. What I don't understand is why you would create an alarm on your phone that you don't want to hear.
  • <i>Why would one want alarms to go off in None mode? </i>
    To wake you up.
    <blockquote>That's an asinine idea, the sound modes were perfect in 5.0. </blockquote>
    Only if you are an egotistical a-hole that wants others to use their phone as you do, and not how they were used to.
    <blockquote>They had it right and now it's broken.</blockquote>
    No, they had it right for you, and wrong for others. Now it's still right for you, and not broken for the others. If you don't wanna see the light, just put your phone face down or away. Many others found silent notifications very useful.
  • "Why would one want alarms to go off in None mode?"
    To wake you up. "That's an asinine idea, the sound modes were perfect in 5.0."
    Only if you are an egotistical a-hole that wants others to use their phone as you do, and not how they were used to. "They had it right and now it's broken."
    No, they had it right for you, and wrong for others. Now it's still right for you, and not broken for the others. If you don't wanna see the light, just put your phone face down or away. Many others found silent notifications very useful.
  • Too bad modes can't be removed. Totally useless Posted via the Android Central App
  • So, what exactly was wrong with having a "mute" function. Why did they fix something that wasn't actually broken?
  • Solutions for problems you don't have. That's the Chicago Way.
  • +1000
  • Seems to be Googles MO, to tinker and tweak everything until it's as close to perfect as possible. Then tweak it some more and ruin it. Wubba lubba dub dub!
  • My 2nd LOL! Thanks
  • "mute", "no sounds".. I really can't see the difference
  • Except there is a difference. Before when you muted it things like alarms would still come through, this is not the case anymore.
  • Are you broken? You can set it so the alarms come through, even in the "none" mode which is basically like muted.
  • New scrollbars. See here: http://i.imgur.com/2N90MMT.png
  • Absolutely stunning too. Apple, M$FT, BB should just fold up shop now. :-D JK
  • Does it fix the Smart Lock (not working with Bluetooth on my devices)? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I believe that is a Google Player Services issue. Did you sideload any newer versions? I know Android Police provides APK downloads for it, but 6.7.76 is the latest stable version for Lollipop. If you sideloaded a newer version, go into all apps and find Google Play Services and tap "Disable". It will prompt you to rollback to the factory version which you should do. This will fix Smart Lock and then let it download 6.7.76 automatically.
  • Yeah, it's a Play Services issue. GPS 7.0 broke location smart lock for me, but bluetooth seems to be working on my N6. On the N5 5.1, and GPS 7.0, it's still broken.
  • And sometimes not working with my locations too.
  • There are different versions of Play Services, you have to look under Settings -> Apps -> Google Play services, and look at the last 3 numbers in the parentheses. You'll see something like -XYY. There are versions with -430, -434, -446, -470 etc. If you sideload a version from APK Mirror that doesn't correspond with that number on your phone, you won't see a Smart Lock option in your settings. It's all in the description on APKM.
  • It's really broken. I never install manually GPS, it updated automatically on my N5 and N6.
  • Smart Lock works fine for me on 5.1/Stock Nexus 6 for bluetooth devices. I haven't tested with NFC, but my bluetooth alarm clock is set as a smart lock device and works exactly as specified.
  • I hope it fixes my persistent voicemail notification.. Doesn't go away after the first listen. Posted via Android Central App on The Nexus 5
  • That happened A LOT with my Nexus 5 and my current Nexus 6. I thought it was just my carrier at first. But I usually just ended up going to the "Phone" app settings and cleared it manually.
  • That's a pain in the ass. Posted via Android Central App on The Nexus 5
  • Wait.. U dig all the way into the app settings? That takes too long. Posted via Android Central App on The Nexus 5
  • THIS ^^^^
    That bug is so extremely annoying, I have to restart my Nexus 5 every time I get a voicemail or it'll be notifying me every 5 minutes that I have a new voicemail.
  • Are you on T-Mobile? Download their Visual Voicemail and give that a try. It takes over as your VM client, removes the persistent notification and has a notification of its own that you can dismiss.
  • Not anymore. I switched to MetroPCS several months ago. Thanks for the tip tho for if I ever switch back. Posted via Android Central App on The Nexus 5
  • Use google voice... fixed it for rme
  • just curious, why the switch to MetroPCS? any may i ask what area you live in?
  • I had a issue where Google+ went haywire and ate up all my data overnight (auto-backup was off so I'm still confused how) so I was stuck with 2G service and when I called T-Mobile and told them I didn't use all that data they said they couldn't do anything about it so I went to Metro and got the unlimited plan. Never turned back. Posted via Android Central App on The Nexus 5
  • Ok MetroPCS has a visual voicemail app so I'ma try that. Thanks! Posted via Android Central App on The Nexus 5
  • Hey. You guys may be interested in PF Voicemail. Visual VM, works perfect on my Note 3. Much much more user friendly than carrier mail. Just a free announcement. Now carry on. :-)
  • Hopefully this is why the Droid Turbo hasn't been updated. Hope it gets here soon. I would think there would be some behind the scenes updates for android auto and watches. Nothing about that in the changelog? Really surprised they didn't re-jigger priority notifications.
  • The turbo is a Verizon exclusive. You will be lucky to get one update in two years. If you wanted updates should have went with a moto x or nexus 6. Posted via the Android Central App
  • ^^^^^ Yep
  • I'm not sure I even care about these updates anymore, since I never see them.
  • I stopped caring a long time ago when I had an OG Nexus 7. Got tired of feeling like Google's beta tester, thus ever since I freeze the OTA updater and just enjoy my device as is. Latest example: my Note 4 works like a champ and gets phenomenal battery life on Kitkat (4.4.4). If it ain't broke...
  • My wife wanted me to stop the Lollipop update on her Note 4 as well on Sprint. She is very happy with KitKat and I know of several changes Lollipop has made that are not a better experience.
  • I'm concerned about this update on my Note 3. The 4.4.4 build on it finally is solid as a rock for the past 3 months. Love it. Honestly, not seeing enough benefit in Lollipop to do an OTA when / if it hits. Although, my phone has a built in poison pill called VZW, so the Note 7 will probably be out by the time I have to make that choice. LOL.
  • bring mute back!!!! I hate that every time I get a notification my watch and phone have to vibrate. really annoying! Posted via AC app with my N9
  • Priority mode now works properly, they fixed it. Apps can't bypass it anymore. Also, there are options for an alarm to end "none" mode, so most issues have been fixed, albeit in a roundabout convoluted way.
  • priority is not my issue, with KitKat when I connected my moto 360, my watch wud vibrate but my phone wud do nothing. with lollipop there is no way to set it up like that. the best case is to have the phone and watch both vibrate. that's why I want mute back Posted via AC app with my N9
  • Thank God somebody else wants mute back. It was a great way to save power while driving, yet still have a watch. Now I have a useless blank screen on my wrist Posted via the Android Central App
  • Awesome Posted via the Android Central App
  • you can now dismiss heads up notification by swiping up
  • Ooh. Investigated this and turns out you could always do this to dismiss heads up notifications, only now swiping up doesn't kill it from the notification shade too. Updated, and thanks! Posted via the Android Central App
  • yup thanks for correcting. that's a nice addition
  • Also, if you swipe away the notification, to the sides or up, you won't get repeated heads-up notifications for a while (I haven't tested if it's time or if it's until you respond to the message). If you just let the notification sit and go away by itself, you'll keep getting them for each message.
  • I could swipe up on a '14 Moto X with 5.0.x and get the notification to dismiss every time. On my Nexus 5 on 5.0.x, it took me to the app the notification was for, every time. So odd!
  • I liked the colored overlay in contacts.
  • First time adopters: Was the memory leak thing really fixed?
  • My nexus 7 2012, has been up for 12 hrs, working just awesome. My nexus 10, which has been up for an hr, is like a brand new device. The responsiveness is fabulous. Makes 5.0 on my vzw S5 seem like froyo. Posted via the Android Central App
  • So far so good on my Nexus 5. Had it running since yesterday afternoon and no lagging. Yet. lolz It does seem quite a bit smoother than 5.0.x. The multitasker is just blazing fast.
  • Yes! I home mine will be the same when I get the update!
  • So device protection and encryption was meant to be for all Android 5.0 but instead is only for Nexus 6 and 9 devices and not other Nexi? Posted via Android Central App
  • It's an option on hardware that didn't have it to begin with such as the Nexus 5. Thank Zod they didn't enforce it because the Nexus 6 is pretty damn slow with it enabled. I can only imagine what my Nexus 5 would have done. They also made it optional for Android 5+ devices going forward. Not sure if it will be optional on Nexus devices that come with 5+ at launch.
  • I am also confused whether for example my Sony Z1 would be updated with Android 5.1 Lolllipop, will it have this Device Protection Google is promising? And how about the ones with custom ROMs for rooted devices?
  • Kind of a shame that we have some new, unreleased devices (Galaxy S6, HTC M9) that are shipping with 5.0.x *after* the Lollipop 5.1 release, but that are unlikely to see this update for at least another 6 months (if at all). This is one area where Apple got it right in dealings with carriers (especially US carriers). I wish Google and its partners could simply go around the carriers (and their lengthy "approval process" when it comes to providing updates for third-party Android devices. And while we're at it, prohibit carrier bloatware. If someone really wants to play Candy Crush, let them download from the store. Or even just provide the store links (if something must be preloaded by carriers).
  • I doubt Apple 'goes around' carriers any more than Google can. They just have more pull and can force the carriers to agree to Apple's schedule rather than the other way around. Just look at how easily Apple implemented iMessage while demanding the Nexus 6 have a stand alone SMS app or how easily Apple Pay was released yet most carriers fought tooth-and-nail against Wallet.
  • @dcdttu Please replace Google in your paragraph with <insert OEM>. Google releases AOSP Android and the modifications that the OEM's make to it are what cause the issues. It's been said over and over and over and over again. If Samsung didn't so heavily imbed TouchWiz then it wouldn't be a big issue. If all the Samsung or HTC crap was an optional, value added download then they could update within days of a new release. Google produces AOSP Android not TouchWiz'd, Sensed or any other Android rom. As far as Apple ... 6 variants on a single device to support and they have complete control so yeah .. they can not be compared.
  • Good post. Better than I was going to try to do.
  • I wasn't referring to what the OEMs do. I was referring to the carrier vetting process, which all phones have to pass through whether they're from Apple, Google or Fisher Price. Apple (and to a certain extent Motorola) somehow manage to push carrier testing through incredibly fast. Meanwhile, the Nexus 6 on Verizon takes MONTHS longer to release and lord knows what is going to happen with updates since it is on Verizon now. Meanwhile, Apple updates every phone they ever made on every network on the planet at once. Your point doesn't make much since when we're talking about Nexus devices, which is kinda what this article is about.
  • M9 will get the 5.1 update by mid-June at the latest (perhaps slightly longer for most carrier versions and much longer for AT&T).
  • Sounds good! Source?
  • HTC's policy is that they will update their flagships within 90 days of a new software release. They missed the deadline for some carrier versions of the M8 but got pretty close (and the unlocked, developer, and GPE phones got it before 90 days).
  • How do you even attempt to compare Apple to Android. Apple has 4 devices that they have to make their software compatible with, iPhone 3,4,5 & 6. Android is open source and available to thousands of devices. Apple is able to push updates to all of their devices because of their proprietary nature, the same proprietary nature that has caused the demise of so many companies and the original Mac computer line. Have you seen the latest Android commercial? It's genius... Be similar, not the same. Android is about options, differences, similarities. Bloatware can easily be disabled and removed. Most newer devices come with the option to freeze and disable any app. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Pretty true. But, while I'm here ... how do I easily removed bloatware from my Note 3 VZW? TIA
  • Agreed. People are so anxious for updates but it would have been better to wait and get 5.1 than a buggy 5.0.
  • Very disappointing they stuck with the terrible priority modes. KitKat was much better.
  • I agree, these modes are really useless and getting back media volume control all the time was the main reason I rooted my N5 and went with Optipop, which is a great ROM in just about every sense, BTW. I prefer to let 3rd party apps like Agent handle the priorities.
  • Sooooo confusing. On a good note, my None mode on my Nexus 5 is flashing my LED like Silent mode did before.
  • Priority and None have been fixed, as well as silent notifications (LED and no sound/vibration). See http://www.androidpolice.com/2015/03/09/google-is-posting-android-5-1-fa...
  • Agreed. Too complicated now.. Posted via Android Central App on The Nexus 5
  • Still rockin that 4.4 on my tmo note 4 Posted via the Android Central App
  • That's a great story! I wonder if illiterate people get the full effect of alphabet soup
  • These seem really minor for a x.1 release -_- That said... still waiting for 5.0 on my N910U Galaxy Note 4.
  • Maintenance release Posted via the Android Central App
  • What's the difference between nuplayer and awesome player ? I've got the option to use nuplayer in the Dev setting on my S4. - Kira
  • Nuplayer is... Newer, it's a little faster for streaming embedded video but you probably won't even notice. Turn it on, give it a go. Worst case is that it won't work properly and you'll have to switch it back off. I have the experimental version enabled, and it actually seems more stable for me than awesomeplayer... Wubba lubba dub dub!
  • nuplayer is suppose to replace awesome player and it is reportedly better with playback and has additional features
  • I was hoping for a "fix" to the notifications and volume control...I just want my usual mute and vibrate function, it's the reason I'm still running 4.4.4 on my Nexus 5. Posted via Android Central App
  • the ability to swipe up to hide but not dismiss the heads up notification fixes 99% of the issues with those heads up notifications at least. the mute/vibrate thing is a tad better, but still moslty a mess.
  • When I'm in None or Priority, the LED on my Nexus 5 works. It behaves like Silent, minus letting alarms go off unless you select 'until next alarm.'
  • Damn ATT. My Galaxy S5 is still on 4.4.2. My Galaxy S4 is 4.4.4.
  • AT&T - They seem to be last to update, across the board. Waiting for this update with my GS5 and waiting for a Windows Phone update on my Lumia. Seems, only the iPhone matters to them. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yeah it does seem like it. Posted via Android Central App (Moto X - U.S. Cellular)
  • it looks more like ever yother carrier up'ed their game but ATT is still sticking with the old way
  • @dalydose It's not that the iPhone is all that matters to AT&T ... Apple gave them no choice. It's been part of the contract with Apple that Apple updates their handset when THEY feel like it not when the carriers wish it or approve it. Apple does what Apple wants while the rest are cockblocked by carriers and their own mistakes.
  • Damn I like the color overlay for contacts. I can see how a lot people didn't or don't though. Posted via the Android Central App
  • i think Matias Duarte is overrated. he overcomplicates things just for the sake of overcomplicating them - rather than focusing on solving real world problems. i liked Andy Rubin's approach much better - more straightforward - and less overcomplication. example - material design with the sliding "paper", obtrusive notifications, and the confusing settings like "Interruptions". i don't want to have to solve a mental algorithm every time i want to mute my phone. just give me a straightforward modern evolving OS without all of the excessive heavy handed UI BS.
  • but the cards... But seriously I hear ya it's a cluster fuck Posted via the Android Central App
  • Seeing the LED notification when my Nexus 5 is set to either Priority or None. Perhaps 'mute' or 'silent' is back after all. Also, None has a 'until next alarm' option when you have an alarm coming up. The amount of time until the next alarm seems to play into this, as an alarm for tomorrow triggered the option, but an alarm for this coming Saturday did not. Also, that nice bell icon to be able to adjust your phone's notifications when playing music via headphones or Bluetooth doesn't seem to be there when you're casting to a Chromecast. You still can't adjust your phone's notification settings then from what I can see.
  • I'm still waiting for family sharing to be an option (like IOS has for sharing movies, music, and apps among other members of your family). I think it's ridiculous that there is no way to do so with Android without giving someone your username/password and having multiple accounts on a device. If they do that, I will never consider switching to IOS. Probably my biggest pet peeve against Android and a huge with for Apple, IMO. Come on Google!
  • "it's a welcome addition to the OS which should make all of Android more secure." kind of opposite of what you wrote - nothing older than a N6 or N9 will have it...
  • Ahh, god. Stupid priority/none notification. Just give us a "Simple" mode that goes back to the kitkat way of doing things. I miss being able to wake up the phone and with one hand, press volume down until it was silent (but allowed alarms through). Now you've got to tap the volume, then hit priority, and then vibrate (if your phone wasn't in a vibrate mode before). Such a PITA.
  • I'm fine with the None, Priority, All settings, rarely use any of them. What I do want though is an easy way to get to my media volume BEFORE I start playing anything. If I'm in an app that is normally a media app then it brings it up by pressing the volume key before playing anything, no problem there. If I am in chrome and want to click on a video I can't get to the media volume without exiting and going to settings. Any tips? Nexus 6 btw.
  • Won't be long before someone gets this working on a Nexus One! Posted via Android Central App (Moto X - U.S. Cellular)
  • No mention of the BT issues....
  • I'm not sure why so many people dislike the new volume settings. Maybe they don't know how to use it, but used properly it's amazing and powerful. It's about options and putting you in charge of how you're notified. I'm an IT security admin and priority allows me to set alerts at night (for example) that wake me if there's an issue with critical equipment, while suppressing everything else. Break the habit of using the rocker, just tap the screen! Via the AC App On Verizon Nexus 6
  • Way to complex today. My alarms were going off at the worst times, my wife threw my N6 twice to break it and shut it up! If Google plans to stick with complex work around, then take it one step further and allow me to manage IT application by application. This is my biggest gripe about lollipop. My second worst issue is a non working phone function that happens all too often with my N6, requiring a reboot. I scheduled a midday reboot for this reason. Likely a memory leak.
  • I'm sorry, I just don't get it. I have a Nexus 6 and I have never had an alarm go off when not wanted. As a matter of fact, I get more sleep now because I don't get text message, email or social alerts all night long. You're doing something wrong. It's not complex at all. Via the AC App On Verizon Nexus 6
  • Same here; it really isn't difficult to figure out it's just that some people have decided it's too difficult for them to do and that's that. The situation isn't helped by certain tech sites going on about how complicated it is when it really isn't. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah its not complicated at all, but I do find that many times its not as flexible as I need it to be and end up defaulting to "Priority" notifications for an hour just to resolve the issue.
  • This. Posted via Android Central App
  • sounds like the biggest problem there is a non-android issue. The only issue I have with 5.1 is the fact that if I want to change a volume (ie ringer) other than what is happening now (media) and I don't want to cause an interruption/delay by going into Settings, I am forced to use the new pop-up volume change by hardware button (which changes the level of media volume that I don't want changed!!), then try to tap the bell and then adjust volume before the pop-up window disappears. ugh. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I really really hope 5.1 fixes the sleep of death issues on the Nexus 4! Never had this prior to lollipop, and now the SoD has almost rendered my N4 useless....it shuts down countless times a day. To the point that I really need a new device ASAP. I am having to use a wakelock app to keep the device awake 100% of the time, which sucks, but it keeps it from SoD. So, I hope there is something in 5.1 to address this crap!
  • I know this isn't a fix, but a workaround I found posted by a user on the Google support site is to turn your WiFi off. I did it and I haven't had a single SoD on my N4 in two weeks. I am also hoping that 5.1 fixes the bug.
  • Hey thanks for the tip, but yeah, I have isolated the issue to WiFi on my device too. If I turn it off, no SoD issues at all, but as soon as it is activated again, it will SoD every time in 10 minutes. So maddening! Since I have limited mobile data and cant stay on it all day, I have found an app that helps. It's called "WakeLock - Powermanager" by developer darken. Essentially, I use the partial wakelock setting, and it keeps the device from sleeping at all, therefore no SoD. So far, I am able to stay on WiFi again without problem, but the downside is the wakelock does drain some battery. But, I'm willing to drain some juice to keep the device stable on wifi again. Hope we get an official fix for this, because it's taken an otherwise good Nexus 4 and made it almost useless on wifi.
  • How is battery life not the major concern of this update? Generally I'm ok with lollipop on my Nexus 5, but the battery life is awful! it may just be in my head or the fact that the phone is getting older and thus the battery is losing some juice, but it just seems so horrible. A lot of times, i'll just turn off my phone for periods of time to conserve battery. if they have done anything to improve battery life, I'll be extremely happy with this update, if they don't, then i'm gonna have to say bye to my nexus very quickly.
  • Same here.. Posted via Android Central App on The Nexus 5
  • My gs5 battery life is horrible I'm going to buy a another battery of someone lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • Have you tired checking your apps running the background or a factory reset? I suffered from battery drain at a crazy rate once but when I did it was from an apps. Posted via the Android Central App
  • You make a good point. I've checked what parts of my phone use the most battery and it always says screen and Android system. I guess I will try a factory reset though. Thanks.
  • I like the new features I have used so far. My Facebook icon that came prepackaged with the phone is no longer on the setting page. When I go to apps to see what apps are running it is listed on the list but where is the icon. I don't like the app from the Google Store. Did this happen to anyone else after upgrading?
  • Where is the facebook icon that came with the phone? I need it back?
  • What phones will be getting this update, and when? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Thankfully I have a Nexus 6 so I won't have to worry about this update for another month or so.
  • Not bad. Flashing it soon.
    It would be nice if I could make apps with priority notifications by default (facebook) normal ones. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Facebook would never in a million years be a priority app for me (using your example). Making apps auto priority would defeat the purpose of priority. It would just confused people. App developers would all want to have their notifications priority. Let the users decide, not the manufacturers. Via the AC App On Verizon Nexus 6
  • Facebook has the ability to change the priority of their notifications. http://developer.android.com/reference/android/app/Notification.html#pri...
  • OK, so now can we say that we know Android M is gonna be 6.0?
  • NuPlayer is causing no voice on inbound & outbound calls on Nexus 4 running 5.0.1. Not being able to disable it in 5.1 would render the phone useless. Posted via Android Central App
  • I just checked, you can disable it in 5.1 under dev options.
  • I'm having very big probems with the new update for example; Whenever i enter my music (not spotify or anything just the normal 'music') and go to artists it says it has stopped working. Same thing happens while doing some other things i cant remember. And also when i try to move something in my home srceen. Is there a way to fix this or? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have really liked the 5.o version of lollipop. I kinda wish they were keeping the lighter color scheme. They keep flipping back and forth
  • For those of us that have yet to get 5.0 (Moto X gen1ers et al.) , will we likely hopscotch over 5.0 directly to 5.1 ?
  • Could have used the device security update a few days ago when my truck was broken into and everything taken (including my N7) in a matter of minutes. Fucking Tijuana....... Posted via the Android Central App
  • I think device security is only available for newer as yet unreleased devices so it wouldn't have made any difference, unfortunately. Posted via Android Central App
  • Can't wait for this to be released on the nexus 6 Posted via the Android Central App
  • You missed this defect being fixed as well.
  • Love device protection. Finally Google is implementing something along the eyes of Fine My iPhone and iCloud. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Been surprisingly happy with 5.0.2 on the 2012 Nexus 7 (smooth and fast as if it were a new tablet)....after a few tweaks of course. The bottom left of the n7 where the CPU and GPU were climbing temperatures too quickly and too hot, and as a result would reboot the n7, the remedies are to underclock the CPU to 1.0Ghz, keep the GPU at stock speeds, not use a case or hold the n7 on the bottom left....maybe 5.1 will be an even better build; now waiting for the Nexus 4 Factory Images.....
  • I've seen that no SIM icon when rebooting the device, so I'm not sure if it's new to Android 5.1. Haven't tried running the device without the SIM tray though...
  • Flashed the image earlier today on my N5 and besides being smoother, the one great difference for me is GPS lock. Since 5.0 GPS would drop constantly even after factory resets. Worked consistently on an hour long commute this evening. I couldn't even go 5 minutes before.
  • Can we get a bigger article about using Device Protection? For example, I usually don't lock my tablet, since it never leaves my house. If my place is broken into, can I activate that after the fact to brick the tablet, or is there something that I need to set up in advance for it to work properly.
  • Don't really know what the big deal is for the update! Nothing gained that I wanted or needed.
    3 things that I noticed out the gate are:
    1) The abnoxious LED flashes when a text os received. BRIGHT!!!!
    2) When using an application there is a fade out from color to black and white. Big Deal!
    3) When going to the Browser Application I had a fade in app bar that started my favorite apps that is now gone since the update.
    This is on the Dprint Nwtwork with an LG G3 phone.
    This update is really much to do about absolutely nothing as I can tell. Sorry HHRJeff
  • Sorry! Should say Sprint Network
  • Can't wait for the new update, eager & excited to have it on my nexus device.
  • Android m needs to have a standard theme engine that's mandatory in android devices, maybe a cross over between HTC and Samsungs versions, color customisation with icon packs like htc and different visuals in apps like the s6 themes. A light and dark mode like the Google keyboard, and stock android theme that makes it a nexus like experience
  • That will never happen. Android is about choice, customization, options, expandability and freedom for manufacturers to add their touch. If you want a pure Android experience get a Nexus. If you want your phone to have a standard look, and look like all other phones in its class, get an iPhone. Via the AC App On Verizon Nexus 6
  • You misunderstood, how is the theme engine not choice, customisation, and options, have you seen the theme engine from htc and samsung? I like the look of stock android, I don't like the nexus hardware the 6 is too big if the stock theme was a choice on the oems then it will have a wider audience, sense or touchwiz is still there and about the light and dark mode what's wrong with that, it's choice and customisation to also save power and easier on the eyes. And I've got a s3, typical get an iPhone, my opinions are about freedom and customisation and choice, since touchwiz is now white and sense is dark, be nice to switch if it was a option on android m that's what I'm pointing at
  • Good! Except here in this Third World country called "Australia" I'm stilll waiting for 5.0 on my HTC M8. Posted via the Android Central App
  • That's all well and good except that here in this Third World country called "Australia" I'm still waiting for 5.0 on my HTC M8 - thanks Optus! Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's been almost 3 years since I left Android to go back to iOS and Google still hasn't addressed a thing that has annoyed me since pretty much Froyo.  When typing in a passcode or password on the lockscreen using Android you have to hit the stupid enter button and what I love about iOS (I know this is minor) is being able to just have my phone unlock when I enter my passcode and if I enter wrong the screen shakes and I retype it but this one thing that Android doesn't do is super annoying to me and I don't understand why you have to root your phone to be able to get this functionality.
  • Um, wow. Those are really your reasons for leaving Android? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm thinking the same thing. Those are minor, ridiculously so. I hope this guy is a troll. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm not a troll. Maybe if you looked at my past forum activity I was very active here on AC. I love the look of lollipop and will most likely switch back this year. 
  • Well your excuse will be non-existent when the Galaxy S6 drops with the fingerprint reader. No more codes. But let me guess... You don't trust do get print readers.... Posted via the Android Central App
  • ...and thereby revealing the length of the passcode or password? No thanks.
  • Overall a nice update, though I wish they would get rid of the profiles or at least get them off my 360 Posted via the Android Central App
  • Just had an update to my Note 4 on Sprint this morning to 5.0.1 is this this same as 5.1 or should there be another update coming?
  • It's different, 5.1 wont be comming to anything but nexuses anytime soon Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'm really hoping it fixes the performance issues especially with the Nexus 9. My experience with it has been really hit or miss.
  • would love it if they added the battery percentage on the battery icon. cmon that should come stock out of the box. I don't want to dl an app to have that feature
  • battery percentage in the battery icon! cmon that should be included stock like other phones!
  • Here's me sticking up a huge middle finger to the carriers that doubtlessly lobbied behind the scenes to keep the factory reset protection feature out of smartphones for as long as possible in order to protect Assurion fee revenue at our expense. This is actually one of the areas where we should probably be grateful to Apple. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I think all the whiners want a volume rocker dedicated to ringer-volume, another rocker for alarm-volume, another for media-volume, another rocker to toggle thru LED modes, and at least one more rocker to toggle notification modes (did I miss a rocker?) in order to change whatever the heck they want to change without interrupting their Netflix, Youtube video, or Angry Birds session! I guess there are many of you that feel that your Android device should be reading minds by now. Your mind thinks: "I want to keep playing Crossy Road but I need to set an alarm to wake me up for my Annual Performance Evaluation meeting with the boss tomorrow at 8:00am. I wish I could just touch my rocker switch once and my phone, knowing what my brain wants, will set the alarm and that Performance Evaluation would not be such a PITA" and then "My Smartphone should automatically know EXACTLY what notifications I want, EXACTLY when, not giving me anything I don't need and never miss anything I would have thought important at that exact moment". Give it a break! I guess technology is failing you somehow. I know that some things are inconvenient but Oh my word! Something's gotta give. If you MUST be able to get that all-important phone call because you are on-call all night but your Instagram notifications keep waking you up your problem is not the phone. You might have to forgo instantly knowing that someone just 'loved' you latest cat photo in lieu of better sleep while keeping gainful employment. Technology will not fix all your problems. Tell your friends to stop calling you after midnight if you have to. Another solution: You purchased this fancy little device that is called a Smartphone. There is one thing really cool about Smartphones; you can install this thing call an APP onto a Smartphone. APPs are tiny little programs, of which there are millions, that can do almost anything that your phone's OS does not include (that is one of the reasons you bought a Smartphone in the first place). Is it really all that inconvenient to take less than 30 seconds to change a setting or two to adapt to your current situation? Or is there not enough settings?
  • The thing is older android let you change all them quickly, Lolipop has taken a step backward and that's why people complain - noone likes features limited. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Still waiting for any form of Lollypop on my Samsung tab 4.... Come on Samsung! Bloop, bloop, bloop, bloop... I have Samsung. :D
  • I haven't even got the Android 5.0 on my Samsung S4. Boo hoo! :( Posted via the Android Central App
  • Lipstick on a pig. Lollipop is awful - so awful that for the first time ever I'm considering ditching Android and getting a Blackberry. Not because there's anything particularly special about Blackberry, but I will at least be able to run my Android apps on an OS that is well designed and implemented.
  • Running CM12 with ElementalX kernel on Nexus 7 2013. Great customisation plus tap to wake. Don't really need 5.1.
  • Genuinely miss the Google + linkage. I used it for profile photos for some of my contacts. Why in the world would Google remove that from their own software?
  • One more touch, which is very subtle yet welcome: when putting your phone in "no interruptions" mode, system sounds are switched off. So, this can actually be considered the new silent mode :)
  • I don't know if I'm being rude but I really need help to SeT up my xt1022 Motorola phone
  • Solutions I don't need for problems I don't have.
  • I got it yesterday on my Nexus7 2012 WiFi. It took a loooong time to install, but so far it works very smoothly. It's a big improvement over 5.02. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Hey Dan ,
    I also got a N7 2012 WiFi .
    Running 5.1 now .
    Have got the 5.1.1 update a few days ago .
    Kind of wish I could go back to KitKat .
    I think things ran the best then .
    ( I know ,,, can Root ) .
    Going to wait a while before updating to
    5.1.1 though .
    Seems like they use us for " Lab Rats "
    ha ha , for new updates ,,,,, but ,,,,, I must
    say GLAD they haven't left us older N7
    2012 users out . Now - a - days if you get
    2 years max out of a tech product your
    lucky ... We got 3 .. :) ..
  • Just installed the OTA on my Nexus 6 and the first thing I noticed was that the status bar says "LTE" instead of "4G", this is weird as in the UK the term LTE is never really used publicly. Wondering if this is a bug, an intentional change, or if the OTA that get's pushed here is different to the downloadable one.
  • http://androidwarzone.blogspot.co.il/2015/03/android-51-first-impression...
  • How upgrade 4.2jb to 5.1 lolipop Posted via the Android Central App
  • I wonder: I have my Nexus 6 activated on MetroPCS, which is branched off of T-Mobile's network. So, would I also get the HD calling? And when T-Mobile does finally release the Wi-FI calling update, would me being on MetroPCS allow me to get it as well? I know that MetroPCS phones are Wi-Fi calling enabled (most of them anyway), and that's probably because they're owned by T-Mobile, so I'm hoping that is the case.
  • Didn't know the task switcher button was called "Overview".
  • upgrading......
  • The 3rd sticky key.. Which when clicked shows us what apps r open.. As many times u click it those many times ull see apps that r open in background (recent apps)... And after clicking like 5-6 times only then the recent apps will go..
  • Hey, I'm an android one uset.I have got lollipop 5.1 update almost a week ago.Still a lot of issues.Device automatically reboots when switched off.On first reboot after the update, it won't detect sim cards,but it will detect when turned on after switching off. Apps like camera 360 ultimate and some other pre-installed apps like hike, mi live etc won't work. But amazon app which is a pre-installed app works fine. And problems goes on......
  • Hey, I'm an android one user. I have got lollipop 5.1 update almost a week ago.Still a lot of issues.Device automatically reboots when switched off.On first reboot after the update, it won't detect sim cards. When it is turned on after switching off the phone detect sim cards.Camera 360 ultimate and some other pre-installed apps like hike, mi live etc won't work.But amazon app which is a pre-installed app works fine.And a lot of issues goes on....
  • I'd like to get widgets on the lock screen again for my Note 4.
    Is there a way too do it with 5,0 ? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Some1 know when will be on Moto G xt1032? Posted via Google Chrome & Zenbook
  • I've been using it since yesterday on my Nexus 5. Without speaking too soon (knock on wood) I think it has made VAST improvements over 5.0.x. This is actually USABLE! and I haven't had to reset my phone yet! (Before I was needing to reboot almost daily to fix lag and force close issues. I'm hoping it is a good sign. I haven't yet received it on my OG Nexus 7 - hopefully I will as that thing has been barely usable since it received it's last updates.
  • All About Android hosts also mentioned that they were also told there's a mishandling of quad core operations in 5.01 and 5.02 causing quad core operations to get throttled. 5.1 is supposed to address that to allow full quad core CPU power when it's called on.
  • Jus got the update on my s5 (Rogers Canada) soo disappointed they removed air gesture for Internet browser, not a fan of the 'zoom box' that keeps popping up.. Really hope they decide to add it back in.. As of now I wish I never updated
  • After weeks of waiting, I swapped my AT&T SIM for my T-mobile SIM and got the update right away. I guess AT&T is rolling out slower. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This update is a beast!!
  • Yup waiting for MIUI 7 Lollipop xD
  • Hey, AndroidCental. I was a long-time Blackberry user, and Crackberry subscriber. Earlier, it came time to eat the Android burger and move on. I struggled with that for quite awhile. I decided to switch from my Z10 (which I still love BTW) to the Droid Turbo. After using it for awhile, I find I'm still looking for more in an Android Smartphone. Of course, Samsung S6 Edge caught my eye, and I'm getting it sometime today. Looking forward to seeing just what this will do to rock my world....for the better. Today is the first day for me on Android Central (sister/co to Crackberry). I look forward to seeing and hearing what everyone here suggests regarding my switching to Android, and particularly, how they are getting along with their new Samsung S6 Edge. Hello fellow Androidians (is that a word?) ;-)
  • Just a small change, but the system's default app icon is changed from a 3-D looking android dude to a lolipop themed material-design paper android dude.
  • Also when sharing it has a new android beam icon
  • looking forward to have lollipop update on my HTC 820
  • How do I find up date to lollipop I have HTC desire eye
  • Plz fix battery issue my Samsung galaxy note3 sm-n9005 is after update lollipop battery problem plz fix it
  • "Upgraded" to Lollipop 5.0.1 for my LG G3 LG VS985. Bluetooth works sporadically and Battery life has shortened considerably. I am paying for online music service but when trying to listen via Bluetooth the music/sound drops - almost like listening to a scratched record. Its been almost a month with no fix or work around from Android....Spoke to Verizon rep and its a known issue....about ready to dump this brick and get a phone that has an OS that's stable and supported by the manufacturer....maybe I'll get the new LG G4...NOT!!!
  • So the last comment was 2 months ago? Really?!
  • Still waiting for the potential fallout ie ...bugs. Jumped on 5.0 and end ended up with a tablet that was essentially a paper weight. Then gpt the patch. My Google nexus works fine now and I like it that way.
  • Yeah if you could fix the bluetooth that would be great because every since the update I have been unable to connect with my bluetooth speaker which is fairly new but I can connect with Bluetooth headphones. Really pisses me off. As I can connect to some speakers but not others as I just bought another one to see if it was the speaker. It's not even showing up in under the available decives. When it is in paring mode. Getting really pissed off.
  • Can you write to SD memory by default on this Android version (5.1)?
  • I have updated my lollipop 5.0 version to 5.1 on moto x2 and facing problem with the audio call. Unable to hear others voice, its just working with the speaker. Request to fix the problem as soon as possible
  • I have a problem when I connect my mobile phone Samsung Galaxy S5 with Hands Free Audi Symphony in my car. First of connect without any problem, pairs, read all contacts. When I call, sometimes disconnects the sound of HF and goes into a headset phone. On the phone, when I press twice Bluetooth button (restart bluetooth connect), which is active at that moment (2x therefore to turn off and turn on) and audio switches back to HF car. Eliminates this problem version 5.1.1? Thank you.
  • It pushed out on USCellular Moto X-2 on 6/30/2015. No big deals, no crashes, no burps.
    No biggies plus or minus noticed.
  • Still no silence mode? :( really kills me when I have to turn my phone off at important meetings and ceremonies. — my friends have no patience!
  • Have you tried using the App called Husher ? I have found it to be really useful
  • After Updating to Lollipop 5.1 in my motoX 2nd generation i have faced three problem so far
    – i don’t know where my audio files are gone
    – my battery is draining so fast.not more then 4hrs
    – when i am playing music online and keep it pause. if some notification comes like gmail or facebook its automatically starting the music application and playing the songs. how to go back to 5.0????
  • Only change I noticed: When sending a text message by typing a name, the suggested phone numbers have the "mobile", " work", "home", etc. tags appear, a glaring omission in 5.0. I got really sick of having to open Contacts to figure out which number was the recipient's mobile number.
  • Dear Developers Thanks alot for Lollipop 5.1. but I have updated Lollipop 5.1. in the morning .it is not achived what i expected .
    1.There is no fant selection in sms and mail still font selection not available. need to develop user wish font selction option.
    2. 5.0 volume controls easy to select but in 5.1.1 is deficult to understand common user it shoul be appear as like 5.0
    3.While calling one number user can not able to add another call. add call is dammy even we can not save the number its not appear in call list NEED DEVELOPMENT ON THIS
    4.For example i called some xyz number it appear in call log how many times i call(xyz,xyz,xyz,xyz,xyz) .its not required ,this feature irritating because if i called XYZ number 20 times it appearing 20 times on screen , if i want to call any other number i want drag down hole call list and want to search .its not good practice. some times we are hurry at the time its very pain full job to drag down , this future should be appear like this XYZ (x) Times. not like XYZ XYZ XYZ XYZ XYZ. please do it
    5. Please add a offline voice serch for contacts and SMS. not google search (it need data connection)
    6. While calling, there is no option to open SMS. please add a option like while caling user can able to GO TO SMS and see what massage it is so that he can reed and his work will be done at a time. No need to cut the call and open the SMS and see the matter and once again he need not to call.
  • Just received this on my UK xperia z2. Posted via Sony xperia z2
  • We need the ability to auto resize text on Websites using pinch and zoom restored to us. It's available on a couple of stand alone Web Browsers but they are very slow and i don't want to be forced to use them.
  • Its good if we have one click to enable/disable the mobile data.
  • Default 2 or 3 different fonts setting options.
  • Just got the 5.1 update on my moto x and have 3 problems.
    1) battery life cut in half
    2) can not get 4g service
    3) cannot connect to WiFi Talked to Verizon!! No help!
  • In Moto G first generation I have updated latest version of lollipop 5.1. few concerns I have on the O.S end
    1. If I want turn on data in second sim from (Top swipe--> Second Network) by Default it goes to Data Usage Menu with First sim selection. one of the Bug need to Fix
    2. I dont know the feature is available in Security lock. If anyone attempts many time wrong pattern lock, do we required to do the Factory Reset?. we have another option to use google account to reset pattern or password, but this will be help in DATA is ON status. Else If we have feature to enable DATA pack even Phone is locked status. It will help users to use Reset feature easily.
  • Killed my battery life on my Brigadier!! Battery life was the best feature of my phone now I can barely get 8 hours with little use! Verizon has no answer for the problem! I tried all the " fixes" but nothing works.. I regret downloading this update, ruin my phone!
  • Rarely use my nexus anymore. Thought I'd try it tonight to test the new lollipop.
    Nothing's changed. Pages still take from 10-30 seconds to load.
    This is why I dumped it.
    Get the basics right, android, and you might start winning customers instead of losing them.
  • Just been searching what this "new" lollipop does exactly. And what do you know Marshmallow is being touted.
    You really are rip-off merchants, Android. Disgraceful.
  • You know, so far I'm not loving lollipop. I just switched today from a heavily rooted, yet very slow LG optimus v to a HTC626s. Had that old optimus for a while and customized everything about it. Ran cyanogenmod backside iho and loved it. But it crashed more than a few times and it was time to upgrade phones. I don't like the fact that, when this phone is locked, 1. No lock screen widgets. 2. No camera access. 3, notifications only have like 3 options. Show everything, show nothing but a big bar in the middle of your screen, or show nothing at all. I hate that. Why can't I just have it pop up in my status bar when the phones locked? That's simple. Easy. Stuff like that is what gets me about these "updates"
  • My Lenovo P70 seems to be working better with Android 5.1. Sadly somethings didn't work out.
    - I used to be able to sync my SD Card files with my PC using SyncToy, but now I can't. The USB Cable link choices removed using my SD Card.
    - Am looking for Contacts Address Country field to key in ... Those addresses with Country shows up, or when I key into Gmail Contacts is fine. Just that I can't find it on my phone for new address. Apart from quirks, to which I've only discovered 2 at present, Android 5 seems rather good. Better response on my phone having upgraded OS, compared to Android 4.
  • I dont see any of these changes on the Note 4 except for pinning apps. Everything else is the same; no down arrows for bluetooth or wifi, no animated clocks. However, I do have video calling which I do not understand, the closing of apps is a lot faster, better switching through menus, battery is a bit better so far, Ok google is better as well, location icon is next to wifi now, and the clear apps icon is different. Every phone will get different updates it seems.
  • After I got the update, I couldn't use my schools WiFi to get on YouTube. I'm not sure if its the android update or YouTube or my school but if its 5.1, please fix. I'm using alot of data. Otherwise pretty good update!
  • There is search facility in call log and in history. Will the be accommodated?!