Android 4.4 KitKat soak test for Verizon Moto X now live

Test software available today, brings ​everything from KitKat, NFC card emulation and better camera software

The soak test for Verizon's Moto X that we told you about last week is now live, and participants can confirm that it is indeed Android 4.4 we're dealing with. Of course, this brings a slew of new changes, and it so happens that a partial list is available for people who might want to know what to expect when installing this update. 

The Motorola team told us all from Brazil to expect KitKat soon on our Moto X phones, and it looks like even Verizon wants it to be soon. We expect this test to be a little longer than the few hours the last one was, so don't fret if you don't see KitKat on a grand roll-out right away. There's also no word on when we'll see testing or an update for any other Moto X, though little birds say it will be very, very soon. 

Hit the break to see the supposed changes, including NFC Host Card emulation for Google Wallet.

Thanks everyone who sent this in!

Hopefully, this fixes the issues of Driving mode and using Hangouts for the default SMS application. We'll all know shortly!

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Hot damn! Now the VZW Droids will get it in a few weeks!
  • Surprising and very cool all at once!
  • I'm definitely excited about that! Although, I don't know if the world is ready for a Droid Maxx with even better power management...
  • I know I'm ready for it. I'm already getting days of battery life, but now that I've had a taste, I need more!!
  • Hey Jerry, weren't you just stating that having Android 4.4 on the Nexus 5 was a big selling point? Not for long! (in your N5 vs. Moto X review, which I thoroughly enjoyed)
  • The kicker is that I wrote that while having a good idea what we would be seeing this morning :P To be fair — a soak test is far from an official release. We can't get too worked up just yet.
  • Also, to be fair, everyone who "sent this in" is violating a confidentiality agreement.
  • waaaaaah
  • So what?
  • Do you want them to have these tests? Do you want to encourage OEMs and carriers to have speedy updates? Then don't break the rules from their programs. Articles likes these are a great reason to discontinue the program.
  • Yes, because spreading around the net that Motorola is doing a good thing here in getting KitKat out before anyone else is going to make them say, nope.. hold up, we can hold off on this for another six months..
  • It's an NDA. They violated it. What you think is good doesn't matter. Participants broke the rules.
  • Only that violating the confidentiality agreement won't affect whether or not the program exists at all. It exists because it's carrier policy. No one on the planet is naive enough to believe users invited to the soak test won't leak info the moment they get in. The NDA is only in place to prevent bigger websites who are afraid of legal ramifications/Motorola sending them angry letters from covering it (that's why if you go to Google News and search "moto x kit kat," the only places picking up on the soak test are specialty Android and general smartphone news sites) so that the "average user" (i.e. the non-enthusiast) doesn't find out and get confused. No one cares if a bunch of Android enthusiasts know about a soak test because we're all smart enough to know what it is.
  • While I agree with the theme of what you're saying, the fact that the soak test is now cancelled and was never rolled out points to the contrary.
  • well and the Nexus 5 has been selling with KitKat for almost 3 weeks now...
  • I doubt the soak test will take too long, carriers on the other hand... Hopefully they get out of Moto's way. This has got to be the quickest turn around on a modified build update, couple days sooner and they might've beat HTC's GPE code release, you go Moto! The find my phone feature is a little silly tho, what are the odds the mic will pick you up if it's not in plain sight and how is it any easier than calling your phone to find it? Then again, tons of people don't have land lines anymore, so not so silly I guess.
  • I'm just hearing things that we will probably see several soak tests before any final release from "people involved". Because this is all confidential, there's no way to confirm any rumors. Just in case they're true, I want to let people down easy :)
  • Used it this morning. Much faster than grabbing a tablet and using device manager. I only have my cell Posted via Android Central App
  • Find my phone has worked for me with a pile of clothing on top of it. You do need to say it pretty loud, though. I haven't gotten it to work from another room but there's always the Android device manager if it comes down to it.
  • Most updates are launched within a few days after the soak test.
    its just a formality
  • Well it wasn't a selling point on Verizon due to the non existent N5. I guess they're eager to have at least one device have it, and if their precious Droid line gets it fast they'll be pumping that up too.
  • I'm really surprised they left the NFC HCE in!! Could this be...that Verizon is finally going to allow the full functionality of Google Wallet!!!! Come on Samsung and VZW, please get Kit Kat to my Note 3 ASAP!!
  • since NFC hce is part of the core Android, carriers and OEMs can't strip out the functionality, as it would be a violation of their CTS certification agreement with Google. so yes, we will see google wallet on all kitkat devices soon.
  • Google has changed the functionality of Google Wallet removing the need for the "secure element" that Verizon was throwing a hissy fit over. So yes, Google Wallet will be on it. Matter of fact, I already have it installed on my Moto x running 4.2.2.
  • I have google wallet on my Moto X too but the NFC payment option is not available. This should hopefully fix that so I can pay with my phone anywhere the credit card machine has the wifi symbol. Looking forward to having this feature actually supported! I had it running on my old Gnex once on Verizon through a sideloaded APK but it stopped working.
  • Yes, as do I. But we don't have the Tap to Pay feature. That's what KitKat should solve.
  • I may have just peed a little.
  • I think you may have misinterpreted "soak" test, buddy. :-) Posted via Android Central App
  • Good one.
    +10 (x as a roman numeral) Posted via Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (Android 4.2.2)
  • Not getting mine, despite being in the soak test.
    Is there any way to force it?
  • Don't do it, it could knock you out of the test. XT1060 via Android Central App
  • Same here! Posted via Android Central App
  • So my phone has 4.4 before any GPe device... Even with Verizon as a carrier. Moto you're doing it Right. XT1060 via Android Central App
  • Not yet it doesn't, I wouldn't get too far ahead of yourself on this one.
  • The awkward movement when Moto X receives 4.4 before Nexus 4.
  • I know. I bought the nexus 4 partly because of the fast updates. This is definitely not fast. Posted via Android Central App
  • I bought the N4 for the same reason. I must say I'm a bit disappointed how slowly 4.4 is getting rolled out to the Nexus 4. Posted via Android Central App
  • All Nexus 4s has had Kit Kat available officially since last Thursday, even though they haven't told out the OTA. This is just a test on one carrier for the Moto X. It is not available...yet... Posted via Android Central App
  • If it's not an OTA, it doesn't count - even an official sideload. Releases are judged by when they're released to the public. I see your point, but it's a pain in the ass to sideload an OTA if you're not rooted. Posted via Android Central App
  • Right, a soak test for one carrier version of the Moto X. Its good, but a factory image of the 4.4 update for the Nexus 4 has been available from Google for several days now.
  • If you're having awkward movements, you should definitely go see a doctor buddy.
  • I know it's not official, but I'm almost a little bothered that this soak test is out before the N4 gets KitKat. Posted via Android Central App
  • Ehh, could be a beta, could be Moto got early KK access despite Google's claims otherwise, or it could be they're doing their job better than Google. I'd be a little miffed too, not gonna lie... Though I'm equal parts pleased an OEM is doing this good a job with updates, and I've never had a Moto phone (3 HTCs and a N5, ASUS & Nexus tablets). Moto's doing a LOT of very smart things... Play store updates for stuff like the camera and car voice stuff was brilliant, long overdue but still. This soak test, if successful and bug free, is something they can point to if a carrier suddenly decides to delay the update too much; thus blame falls squarely on the carrier. I really hope they keep this up, it's very good for Android and it puts pressure on the other OEM. Heck, I really want Moto to get back in the tablet game now!
  • soaks tests are part of carrier approval process, its last step before verizon approve the software ..
  • That is sad. Go Motorolla!!!
  • You mean before YOUR N4 has gotten the OTA.. Nexus 4 is updated to KitKat in the official Nexus device page.
  • Glad I unlocked, loaded Kk and rooted already. I suspect something is wrong at Google's end for the Ota and source etc...
    It shouldn't be this long releasing and others leap frogging Google's own is release.
  • Way the soak test goes is you get it then official release follows with in a week. Posted via Android Central App via bad azz VZW LG G2 ROOTED!
  • I hope XDA releases a flashable rom. edit- oops, they already did! sheesh.
  • Sooooo..... Moto X beats nexus 4 to 4.4....Awkward moment by google regardless that they own Moto now...
  • Can I borrow your time machine?
  • XT1060 via Android Central App
  • i dont think x will get it before n4, itll be either simultaneous or a few days before its released for x. but this really is great news. i hope the update REALLY fixes the camera, since the last update, it focuses tooooo much before snapping which the moment gets lost already. the only way i can prevent it is if i turn off flash. ok great but then all my pics in the dark will be dark, wtf. smh.
  • but wait, find my phone is already available....why is it relisted as a new feature?
  • It's Google's responsibility to deliver the Nexus 4 update over the air. When you brag about never having to connect to a computer for updates or sync don't say I can use adb to load a system image. Posted via Android Central App
  • Moto is going to make a liar out of me if the ota is before 2014... This also probably puts to rest the "we dont have early access to updates" banter from interviews with moto engineers. Its pretty clear they do have early access getting it out this quick. Then again, all oems might have limited early access. I have never seen any literature stating otherwise.
  • They all have the same access, but Moto has much less work to do to update their phones seeing as they don't have a heavy skin on them. Also Verizon willing to play ball will speed things up.
  • Remember how easy it is for Motorola to update their software. Their OS is basically pure Android, and many of their additions are updated through the Play Store now.
  • Eat your hearts out, G2, One, GS4, and Note 3 owners.
  • Love my G2 but wish I had hung on to the Moto X a bit longer Sent from my LG G2 via Android Central App
  • This is so awesome. I'm so happy Motorola is skipping 4.3 entirely and going straight to 4.4! My Note 2 for work is still on 4.2.2!
  • Hot damn. That's it, forget the Wooden backs I'm plucking down for this bad boy. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm not sure how impressive this is, considering we don't here much from other manufacturers about soak tests (to my knowledge). I just hope I get timely updates on my Moto X when it ships from Republic Wireless (if I decide to keep it, that is). I mean, it's their only phone next to the defy, and their flagship, so as long as Moto does good on their end they might get it out faster than most carriers.
  • HCE on Verizon. Hot damn! Posted via Android Central App