Android 10 update rolling out to Galaxy S10 users in the U.S. and Canada

Holding the Samsung Galaxy S10
Holding the Samsung Galaxy S10 (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e are now receiving the stable update to Android 10 with One UI 2.0 in Canada and the U.S.
  • It is rolling out on Sprint, T-Mobile, and most Canadian carriers.
  • If history is anything to go by, unlocked users will be waiting several more weeks for the update.

Back on November 28, Samsung began the stable rollout of Android 10 with One UI 2.0 for the Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e in Germany. If you're a user in the U.S. like myself, I'm sure you were green with envy and mashing the update button wanting it on your Galaxy S10 device as well.

The good news is, all that button mashing will soon be over for many of you. Starting today, Samsung has begun rolling out the stable version of Android 10 update to Galaxy S10 devices in the U.S. and Canada. We were first tipped off about the Android 10 update release date being December 16 a few days ago, thanks to a Telus support page. Now, it appears that information was correct not only for Canada but the U.S. as well.

Galaxy S10 update screen

Source: supagamer402 via Reddit (Image credit: Source: supagamer402 via Reddit)

According to SamMobile, Sprint and T-Mobile devices are currently receiving the update in the U.S., along with most carriers in Canada. If your carrier hasn't begun pushing the update out yet, then you can expect them to begin within the next few weeks.

If history is anything to go by, then unlocked users will be waiting even longer. In the past, we've seen it take up to several weeks for unlocked users to get the update and that's only after the very last carrier pushes it out. Most likely, this is due to the unlocked update waiting to get certification for all carriers before being released since unlocked models need support for every carrier.

Jason England
  • Got it! TMobile here.
  • Interesting that the Notes 10 which are newer don't get this first. Smaller installation base I guess.
  • I am downloading now. I am using a Verizon phone. purchased directly from Verizon. So it is rolling out for Verizon also. Early Christmas present!
  • Xfinity Mobile user here and its updating now.
  • Installed today on my S10+ on Verizon. So far so good
  • Got my update shortly after midnight in Alberta, Canada on the Freedom Mobile network.
  • As others have stated, downloaded and installed on Verizon as well.
  • I've just received the update, in Canada, on my factory UNLOCKED S10+.
  • Just received on my s10+ with Bell Canada
  • Just got my update today here in the US. Unlocked phone from Samsung, straight talk service.