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Amazon Echo gets friendly with local businesses thanks to Yelp integration

The Amazon Echo continues to add to its capabilities, and it can now tell you where to find exactly what you're looking for. Now featuring integration with Yelp, Echo can give you the name of the top-rated local pharmacy, or the hours of the closest pizza shop.

In order to use the new Yelp integration, you'll need to set up your location with Amazon's Alexa app. In the navigation panel of the app, select Settings and find your device. Select Device location, then Edit, and enter your full address and hit save. Once that's done, you can search for nearby restaurants, top-rated businesses, get the full address for phone number of a nearby business, and find hours.

The Alexa app can be found on the Google Play Store (opens in new tab) right now, and you can pick up an Echo speaker directly from Amazon for $179.

$179.99 from Amazon (opens in new tab)

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