All the colors!

2019 Echo Dot Kids Edition Rainbow

Da ba dee da ba daa

2019 Echo Dot Kids Edition Blue

This is the color that I wish Amazon would sell the regular Echo Dot in; everyone could use more rainbows in their lives. The rainbow stripes spiraling around the white Echo Dot make me want to grab a Unicorn pop and throw a dance party.

$70 at Amazon


  • Five color stripes mean more colors to match with
  • It looks like candy
  • Rainbows are awesome


  • White stripes show dirt
  • No orange stripe

I'm a big fan of blue, I really am, and if Rainbow isn't your style then Blue is here for you. It's a Heather Blue with subtle variations in it, so it shouldn't show dust quite as easily, but it's just not as fun as the stripes.

$70 at Amazon


  • Heather look is more subdued
  • Won't show dust quite as easily
  • Blue is pretty, too.


  • Why have one color when you can have five?
  • The light ring blends in more

Rainbows are awesome


When the 3rd gen Echo Dot debuted last year, I wondered when a new Echo Dot Kids Edition would follow in the Alexa speaker lineup. Now that it has, there's really only one question left to answer: where's the orange stripe on the rainbow version? The red is really more of a coral, so there is a little bit of orange, but it's not the same!

Since there are only two choices for Echo Dot Kits Edition colors this year, your choice is made all the easier because you can either get a bright, super-colorful Rainbow or you can stick to the more boring and standard Alexa Blue. If your kid thinks rainbows are for girls — please sit them down and tell them rainbows are technicolor awesome and they're for everyone — then the Blue is good backup option, but the Rainbow is cheery, bright, and really sets the Kids Edition apart from the monochromatic boredom of the white and gray third-generation Echo Dot.

The internals of both models are the same — they are just third-generation Echo Dots with colorful covers and a year of FreeTime Unlimited — so do yourself a favor and go bold with a rainbow! I know more than a few adults debating getting a Kids Edition just for that stylish Rainbow shell, and after seeing it in person I don't blame them one bit.

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