The Amazon Alexa app now lets you use Alexa voice commands

Up until now, Alexa's presence on Android has been a bit confusing. Phones like the Huawei Mate 9, HTC U11, and Moto X4 have the assistant built right into them, and last summer, Amazon rolled out Alexa to the Amazon Shopping app. Now, Alexa is getting a more fitting home inside of, well, the Alexa app.

The Alexa app has been a free download on Android since the launch of the first Amazon Echo, but you've never actually been able to use Alexa within the app. Instead, it's always acted as a hub for your Alexa lists, music control, etc. However, according to Android Police, Amazon will soon be updating the Alexa app so that you can tap an icon and perform all of the Alexa voice commands you've come to know and love.

This might be exciting news for Amazon superfans, but for most folks, this likely isn't anything that'll change your life. You'll still have to open up the Alexa app and tap the icon as saying "Alexa" doesn't do anything, and if this is the case, you might as well just use Alexa in the Amazon Shopping app that you probably already have.

Amazon's adding this new functionality to the Alexa app over the coming days, but I've already got it on my Pixel 2 with client version 1.24.3555.0 and bridge version 2.2.1010.0 of the app.

Or, you know, just use Google Assistant.

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  • "but I've already got it on my Pixel 2 with version 1.24.3555.0 of the app" I've got version 2.2.1010.0 of the app from the Play store?
  • 1.24.3555.0 is the client version, 2.2.1010.0 is the bridge version. Looks like that's the one referenced in the Play Store as you said. Will update so there's no confusion 🙂
  • The client version is the website. The bridge version is the app.
  • With Alexa (voice) enabled on my phone can I now ask her to play music stored on that phone to be bluetoothed to my car's audio system? I.E. "Alexa play oldies playlist" or "Alexa ask DoubleTwist to play oldies playlist"?
    Unfortunately the update hasn't rolled out to my phone yet or I'd give it a shot ;)
  • I use it from the Amazon Music app....
  • I would be completely okay with replacing Google Assitant with Alexas as my voice enable smart assistant on my phone. As it is I use Alexa in the house; might as well use it on the phone too.
  • Same here. I don't use assistants on my phone, but I might actually use Alexa.
  • Google Assistant is really just not that great, I didn't realize this until I had Alexa in my life.
  • "You'll still have to open up the Alexa app and tap the icon as saying "Alexa" doesn't do anything" Too bad if that's the case for the version they are rolling out. That's not the way it is on the U11, and you can issue voice commands without touching the phone or the screen being on. The 4 microphone array does great in picking up your voice from any direction, and you can use Alexa or Google by just calling out the one you want.
  • now is the time for the next fire
  • Which languages it supports?
  • ”or you could use Google Assistant.".. Smug... Some people have a few Echo products in their homes and have their smart home set up THAT way, so they want to stay in the Alexa ecosystem as much and as often as possible..
  • Maybe the author prefers google assistant or maybe not. Either way they do want you to click that link. It's all about the clicks.
  • I am not tech savvy enough to understand how to set this up. I have two echo dots in my house that control my Sonos, several smart plugs, my alarm system, smart front door lock, etc. I use it to add to grocery lists and reminders too. But I can't figure out how to configure the Alexa app on my android (LGV20) so that it can be voice controlled. I need simple walk-through instructions, if possible. Thanks in advance.