Amazfit GTS 2 vs. Amazfit GTS: Should you upgrade?

Amazfit GTS 2 Vs GTS 2 Mini
Amazfit GTS 2 Vs GTS 2 Mini (Image credit: Michael Hicks / Android Central)

Amazfit GTS 2

Amazfit GTS 2

Less than a year after the original, we have a successor to the Amazfit GTS. The new model may look a lot like the predecessor, but it's got a lot more going on. You'll have onboard music storage, a built-in mic and speaker, Amazon Alexa built-in, blood oxygen monitoring, and 90 sport modes.

Amazfit GTS 2

New features

Activity/sleep tracking
Built-in GPS
Voice assistant
Microphone and speaker
Heart rate and SpO2 monitoring
More expensive
Half the battery life of the predecessor

Amazfit GTS

Amazfit GTS

If you're seeking a more affordable device that's focused on fitness above all else, then you'll appreciate the original Amazfit GTS. It lacks some of the more appealing new perks that the predecessor provides, but it does offer double the battery life and more color options.

Amazfit GTS

Battery champ

Activity/sleep tracking
Built-in GPS
Heart-rate monitoring
More color options
Two-week battery life
No mic or speaker
Lacks voice assistant
No blood oxygen monitoring

Amazfit GTS 2 vs. GTS What's changed?

When a smartwatch's successor hits the market, you're faced with the decision of upgrading. When it comes to the Amazfit GTS 2 and the GTS, the choice might be simple for some users. If you want a wearable that offers health/activity tracking while also nailing features found in the best Android smartwatches, you'll want to upgrade to the Amazfit GTS 2.

On the other hand, if you're only worried about having a watch that can handle in-depth health/activity tracking, you may want to save some money and stick with the original Amazfit GTS. It's a nice bonus that you'll also enjoy a solid two weeks of battery life.

The Amazfit GTS 2 has added some new perks

At first, it's difficult to tell if there's a major difference between the Amazfit GTS 2 and the original model. However, this time, you'll get an aluminum alloy case with a plastic bottom shell. Previously, the body was made more of plastic. While the AMOLED display area remains the same at 1.65 inches, the case is slightly smaller, so the two models are essentially the same weight. Unfortunately, the battery life has been cut in half and will only last for seven days with typical use.

It's also worth noting that the Amazfit GTS 2 and the GTS 2 Mini are two of the company's latest releases. They're quite similar, but they differ in a few key areas. Weirdly enough, calling the smaller version "mini" is a bit of a stretch since the mini version's display is only 0.1 inches smaller than the GTS 2. It's mini in the sense that the price tag is much smaller, but you'll have to sacrifice onboard music storage and the built-in mic/speaker, though.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Amazfit GTS 2Amazfit GTS
Dimensions42.8mm x 35.6mm x 9.7mm, 24.7g43.25 x 36.25 x 9.4mm, 24.8g
Display1.65" AMOLED, 348 x 4421.65" AMOLED, 348 x 442
Band colorsMidnight Black, Urban Grey, Desert GoldObsidian Black, Lava Gray, Desert Gold, Rose Pink, Steel Blue, Vermillion Orange
SensorsHeart rate, acceleration sensor, geomagnetic sensor, gyroscope, air pressure sensor, ambient light sensorHeart rate, acceleration sensor, geomagnetic sensor, air pressure sensor, ambient light sensor
Battery7 days14 days
Waterproofing5 ATM5 ATM
Music storage✔️
Mic and speaker✔️
Voice assistant✔️
SpO2 monitoring✔️

While the original Amazfit GTS already did a good job of tracking health and fitness metrics, the new model offers some improvements. For starters, Huami has included its new BioTracker 2 PPG optical sensor. This means you'll have access to continuous heart-rate monitoring, heart rate during workouts with more advanced insights, and the ability to record blood oxygen measurements.

While the original Amazfit GTS already did a good job of tracking health and fitness metrics, the new model offers some improvements.

Additionally, this improved sensor supports stress monitoring and the company's Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) Health Assessment system. This science-backed health score is designed to measure the impact of your physical activity on your health.

One other fitness-related improvement is the inclusion of 90 sport modes, six of which can be automatically recognized and tracked. The six smart recognition sport modes are outdoor running, treadmill, walking, outdoor cycling, pool swimming, and elliptical.

If the Amazfit GTS previously let you down in the smartwatch feature department, you'll be more than pleased with the GTS 2. Those who enjoy listening to music without having to lug their phone around will be happy. The new model includes 3GB of onboard music storage, which can range from 300 to 600 songs depending on the size of the file.

You also get a microphone and speaker built into the watch, which is ideal for those who want to take Bluetooth calls on their wrist. The mic and speaker are also ideal for users who want to take advantage of having a handy voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa on their wearable.

The Amazfit GTS is a fitness-focused battery champ

Amazfit GTS

Source: Huami Pictured: Amazfit GTS (Image credit: Source: Huami)

Normally, there would be quite a few similarities between two versions of the same watch. However, with so many notable upgrades to the successor, the Amazfit GTS is a tad less impressive on paper. Don't get it twisted, though, since the original GTS is still a perfectly capable Amazfit smartwatch if you're focused just on health and fitness tracking.

This is a minor detail, but if you're not a fan of the three traditional colors the GTS 2 comes in, you might prefer some of the more unique options that you get with the original GTS. In addition to the standard black, gray, and gold tones, you also get some eye-catching blue, pink, and orange options.

Huami states that the Amazfit GTS battery can last for up to 14 days.

The only real advantage the original model offers over its successor is that it offers a much longer battery life. Huami states that the Amazfit GTS battery can last for up to 14 days with typical use. As you'll recall, you only get seven days with the Amazfit GTS 2. Both watches take about two hours to reach a full charge.

The health/fitness tracking is where this watch really delivers. You'll have heart-rate monitoring, sleep tracking, built-in GPS, and 12 sport modes. You'll get alerts if your heart rate is abnormal and be able to track your overall heart health. The sleep tracking feature makes it easy to analyze your sleep patterns throughout the night.

The 12 sport modes include outdoor running, treadmill, walking, outdoor/indoor cycling, elliptical trainer, pool/open water swimming, mountaineering, trail running, skiing, and general exercise. If all of this sounds like more than enough, you may not need to upgrade to the Amazfit GTS 2. If you want the extra smartwatch features, the extra money spent might just be worth it.

Amazfit GTS 2 vs. GTS Should you upgrade?

Amazfit Gts 2

Source: Huami (Image credit: Source: Huami)

This is going to be a pretty easy choice if you know what you want from your device. The Amazfit GTS is suitable for beginners and budget shoppers who want a wearable that offers long battery life and solid health/fitness tracking. If you like having options, you'll appreciate that the GTS comes in a wide array of colors. With all of this in mind, the Amazfit GTS may look like a smartwatch, but it functions more like a fitness tracker. If that's what you seek and you don't want to break the bank, it's a good choice.

Successors either hit the mark or they don't. In the case of the Amazfit GTS 2, the company has provided plenty of great reasons to consider upgrading. On the health and fitness side, you now have a total of 90 sport modes as well as blood oxygen monitoring. On the smartwatch side, you have onboard music storage, Amazon Alexa, and a built-in mic/speaker. If you don't mind settling for less battery life and a higher price point, the Amazfit GTS 2 is smarter in more ways than one.

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