The AKG N30 in-ear headphones being on sale for $80 is like music to my ears

Akg N30 Headphones
Akg N30 Headphones (Image credit: Harman Audio)

The AKG N30 Hi-res in-ear headphones are down to $79.99 as part of a Newegg Shell Shocker deal. These are temporary deals that usually expire at the end of the day or sell out long before that. The AKG N30 headphones normally sell for around $200. and you can find them going for around $300 at Harman Audio and other places. Harman is the only other place we've ever seen these headphones drop to $80 before, too. The upgraded model, the AKG N40 headphones, are currently $150 and sell for as much as $400 at retailers like B&H.

Unique, powerful audio for in-ear headphones. Has Hi-Res Audio support, full audio customization, and 32 ohms impedance. Switch between reference and bass with sound filters. Cable is replaceable and design is comfortable. Includes 2-year warranty.

The N30 headphones are not casual in-ear headphones. AKG has made these for audiophiles who prefer the in-ear fit. You will notice an instantly improved sound when you plug these into your smartphone, even though you could improve the sound even more with a DAC thanks to the impedance of 32 ohms, which is on the high end of what smartphones can handle.

You'll get powerful sound with Hi-Res Audio support, and you'll be able to pick up every little detail in every piece of music. Enjoy the music the way the musicians intended you to. Plus, you can customize the audio. Use the pair of exchangeable sound filters to switch between reference monitoring and bass, so you can find the sound that works best for you.

These are also designed for maximum comfort. The acoustic tube takes the shape of your ear and sits neatly on your head. You'll get ear tips in four different sizes to ensure a snug fit, too. The N30 come with a detachable cable so you can actually switch out the cable if you have a different one you prefer. The included version comes with a universal remote and built-in microphone.

The headphones come with a carrying case and a cleaning tool.

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