The Govee USB-powered RGB LED light strip backlighting with remote is down to $9.90 with code E3G7U7YU on Amazon. The light strip goes for $15 without the code, and that's its regular street price. The savings through the code bring it down to the lowest price we've seen.

Light it up up up

Govee USB-powered RGB LED light strip backlighting with remote

The 6.56-foot strip can be divided into four pieces without any need to cut it. Can be easily installed behind a TV thanks to the USB power, five clips, and 3M adhesive. Can be used with a remote or controller to change color and brightness.

$9.90 $15.00 $5 off

With coupon: E3G7U7YU

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

The light strip comes with an updated design that allows it to be split in up into three or four pieces so you can form a square around the back of a TV or go around a corner somewhere. Because of this it can be adjusted to fit any size TV between 40 and 60 inches using the different pieces and the connecting wires. You don't need to cut or bend the strip to make it fit anymore. Larger screens (50 to 60 inches) will only get three sides covered.

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You can pick between 20 different colors for the light strip, and it also supports a time setting and scene modes that can change the lights. You can also use the included remote to change the color or adjust the brightness of the lights whenever you want. All you do is plug the strip into your TV's USB port to power it, then stretch it where you want it to go. That makes it easy to fully hide behind your setup since there's no cord stretching to an outlet or anything. It comes with a controller box in addition to the remote that uses simple button controls.

For the scene mode, you can choose between seven scenes corresponding to different events depending on what you're watching. The lights are also safe to touch, produce very little heat, and use a strong 3M adhesive to stay connected to your TV. To ensure the strip stays connected wherever you put it, it also comes with five clips.

With the lights set up behind your TV, they will also work as bias lighting. Bias lighting helps reduce eye fatigue and create whole-room ambiance.

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