The Qicent 4-port mini USB 3.0 hub drops to $4.94 with code 529THHPN on Amazon. The hub has been selling for around $10 since March and is actually a dollar lower right now even without the code. The code just brings it down another few bucks, essentially making this deal 50% off the regular price.

Of course you're going to need Amazon Prime if you want to get this deal with free shipping. Otherwise you need to hit the Amazon shipping threshold of $25 if you don't want to add the extra charge.

Do more with less

Qicent 4-port mini USB 3.0 hub

With four USB 3.0 ports, you can add multiple hard drives, flash drives, and other devices to your laptop. You'll get 5 Gbps transfer speeds for your data. Add power with the included micro B cord to charge the devices plugged into the hub.

$4.94 $10.00 $5 off

With coupon: 529THHPN

So at its basic level, this is a simple hub. Plug it into your computer's USB port and you've got four new USB-A 3.0 ports to use. Connect flash drives, hard drives, peripherals, and whatever else you have. You'll get USB 3.0 speeds up to 5 Gbps, and it's backwards compatible with USB 2.0 so you can use older devices. For $5, that's plenty of functionality right there.

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But the hub also comes with a micro B to USB-A cable. Plug that into a powered port like on a surge protector or through a power adapter and the hub adds pass-through charging to its list of features. Now not only can you transfer data from storage devices, you can charge whatever's plugged in. Get some juice for your mobile phone or tablet. The hub will charge everything plugged in simultaneously so you can work, power up, and more all at once.

The hub is compact and easy to travel with. It's made with fireproof material so it's both heat resistant and durable. And it supports hot swapping, which means you don't have to download any drivers or anything like that. Just plug in and go. The hub also has an LED indicator that shows connection status. Qicent covers it with an 18-month warranty.

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