The last thing you want in the event of an accident is to be slapped with a ticket for something that wasn't your fault. Without something like a dash cam, oftentimes it's your word versus someone else's, and without any proof, you could find yourself in a world of hurt. Adding a dash cam to your car is not only smart, but affordable too, thanks to today's sale on this Aukey 1080p Dash Cam. It usually costs $70, but you can bring that price down to $45.43 by using coupon code S8PI6FDP during checkout at Amazon.

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Aukey 1080p HD Dash Cam

Don't let it be your word vs. the word of the person that totals your car. With six-lane viewing, a low-profile design, 1080p video, and emergency recording mode, this dash cam could save you tons of money in the event of an accident.

$45.43 $69.90 $24 off

With coupon: S8PI6FDP

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

This low-profile dash cam sits behind your rearview mirror, meaning it won't obstruct your view. The mounting process is quick and easy as well. Just stick it up with the included 3M double-sided adhesive pads. The camera captures 1080p video for excellent clarity, even at night. It's powered via your car's cigarette lighter outlet, and the adapter features a USB port so you can still charge your phone while using the dash cam.

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The 170-degree wide-angle lens captures six lanes of traffic so you can get every incident from start to finish. The camera also features an automatic Emergency Recording Mode that uses a built-in gravity sensor to capture incidents and protect that footage from being overwritten.

Note that the camera does not include a microSD card, and you'll want to be sure to have one installed before you start driving around. This option from SanDisk should do the trick, and it's even discounted right now.

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