Action Launcher's massive update adds awesome new live wallpaper API

The extremely popular launcher replacement, Action Launcher, has received an update that brings along new features while fixing some existing bugs. One of the big new features here is shortcut and gesture support. Gestures can be set for various taps on the home button or an empty space on the screen, along with vertical and horizontal swipe configurations as well. With this you can set it so you can triple tap your home button to bring up the camera, or swipe up to access Google Search.

In addition to the gestures and shortcuts, developer Chris Lacy has added a slew of additional features such as Live Wallpaper API support, new animations, home screen indicators now match Android 5.1 and more. Some of the other new features include:

  • NEW: Live wallpaper API support, enabling Quicktheme to reliably work with live wallpaper apps. For an example of this in action, check out the excellent Minima Pro.
  • NEW: Shortcuts & gestures (Settings -> Shortcuts) both expanded and fully customizable. Gestures supported include: single/double/triple tap Home button; double/triple tap empty space; swipe up single/two fingers; swipe down single/two fingers; swipe left screen edge/swipe leftmost Home screen/swipe right screen edge/swipe rightmost Home screen; and pinch in/out.
  • NEW: Ability to configure action taken by a gesture. Actions include load an app, load a shortcut, toggle All Apps, toggle Quickdrawer, toggle Quickpage, open Action 3 settings, display overview mode, lock/unlock desktop, lock device, open recents, open notifications, open text search and open voice search.
  • NEW: Animate to/from the All Apps background color when opening/closing All Apps (requires Android 5.0 or later).
  • NEW: Home screen indicators updated to match Android 5.1's style.

If you are already using Action Launcher be sure to grab the update, and if you have yet to check it out now would be a great time to do so.

Source: +Chris Lacy

Jared DiPane
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