Act fast, charge faster: Spigen dual USB-C wall charger is here to rescue Android devices for $23, 36% off

Spigen Charger
Spigen Charger (Image credit: Spigen)

Sometimes, life needs to be simple. Take charging your devices, for instance. That's not a task you want to be a complex mess of figuring out where there's a spare outlet in the house. You simply want to shove that USB-C into a port and move on with your day!

That's where Spigen's dual USB-C wall charger comes in handy. It allows not one, but two USB-C devices to be charged simultaneously, meaning you can cut down on the time you spend fumbling around your house desperately looking for places to feed your devices the energy they crave. Better yet, Spigen's dual charger utilizes GaN tech, which is a more efficient way to fuel your phones than traditional charging methodologies.

All of these device merits are fine in and of themselves, but you're probably wondering if the price discount is good. It is the Black Friday season, after all. Luckily, Amazon and Spigen aren't skimping on savings: You can get this dual charger for 36% off thanks to Black Friday, which translates to a hefty $13 discount and a final price tag of $23 (not counting local sales tax).

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Robert Carnevale