You need this 90-degree charging cable even if you don't know you need it

90-degree charging cable
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You shouldn't use your phone while you have a cable plugged in to charge it, but you do. I know you do it because I do it too. It's OK, we're still good people.

The reason why this is such a bad idea is because it will screw up the USB hole on your phone until it eventually stops working. Besides a broken screen, "malfunctioning" charge ports are the biggest reasons why you need to get your phone fixed or have to buy a new one. I have a small army of phones that would still work if I could charge them. I'll fix them one day. No, I won't.

AINOPE 240W 90-Degree USB C to USB C Cable: $12.99 $8.99 at Amazon

AINOPE 240W 90-Degree USB C to USB C Cable: $12.99 $8.99 at Amazon

this cable works like any other high-end braided USB-C cable. It supports 240 watts of power and is 10 feet long, which is nice. What sets it apart is the 90-degree business end, which keeps dangling cables out of your way so you don't bust your charging port.

It's a fine cable. It's braided so it should last a while, has strain-relief boots at both ends so it is less likely to fray, and is rated for 240 watts of power. It's also 10 feet long so you don't have to hug up against the wall. As far as USB-C cables go, it's a good one.

You need it for the same reason I need it, which is because we both wanna do stuff with our phones while it's plugged in. Companies that make phones say we're not supposed to use them while they are plugged in, but nothing stops us and that's enough. I'll tap and poke and play and anything else while my phone is charging and you probably do the same. 

The problem is, that shakes and wiggles the cord and the hole it's plugged into. Soldered cable connectors on phone circuit boards don't like it when things get a little wiggly, so they break out of spite. And physics. When you bend the cable to the side, things wiggle a lot less so connectors last a lot longer.

That's why I bought this a while back while it wasn't on sale. You can buy it today and save some money. Saving money is good — almost as good as breaking silly rules and using your phone while it's plugged in. 

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