New wired Nest Doorbell appears in leaked images ahead of fall hardware launch

Google Home Nest smart home devices
(Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Leaked images reveal Google's upcoming wired Nest Doorbell.
  • The device resembles the previously released battery-powered Nest Doorbell.
  • Google is expected to launch the device at its upcoming fall launch event alongside the Pixel 7 and other products.

We're just a few weeks from Google's fall launch event, and as it approaches, we're getting more clues about what the company plans to announce alongside its next flagship smartphone and smartwatch. Among the products expected is the new wired Nest Doorbell, which has just been leaked in new images.

The images were pulled from a recent Google Home update (via 9to5Google) and show the device from different angles. Based on the images, the new wired Nest Doorbell has a similar design to the battery-powered Nest Doorbell, with an elongated pill shape and two circles at either end for the camera housing and button.

The difference is that the upcoming model will, of course, be wired. One benefit of this is that it will enable continuous 24/7 video history recording, a feature that the battery-powered Nest Doorbell notably lacks and something Google teased last year when it announced that the next-gen wired doorbell was in development.

According to 9to5, the device is shorter and thicker than the battery-powered model, which is actually quite tall. The images also show off the wall mounts for the device, with animations present for setup purposes.

The Nest Doorbell is among the few smart home devices we're expecting to see from Google in early October. Alongside the Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch, the company stated that new Nest products would be revealed at the upcoming launch event, which may also include a cheaper Chromecast with Google TV model. It's unclear what else the company may have in store for the launch, but there are only a few more weeks until the October 7 event.

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