Upgrade to a Wi-Fi 6 eero with Prime Day savings for faster internet, even on old devices

eero 6+ review
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Amazon’s eero 6 mesh system was a big update for the eero line. Not only did it introduce Wi-Fi 6 to eero’s ecosystem, but it brought with it some of eero’s best routers yet. The eero 6 mesh is an AX1800 dual-band router with support for up to 1.2Gbps connection on the 5GHz band. This means this router is a good fit for an internet connection up to 900Mbps on its own, or 500Mbps as a mesh. The dual-band eero 6 router is just $71, or 20% off its normal price.

While eero’s routers are designed to work as a mesh, you don’t have to deploy them that way. A single eero 6 router can cover up to 1,500 square feet, making it a good fit for an apartment or a smaller house. It has two gigabit Ethernet ports on the back, one of which is used for the incoming connection, and a USB-C port used for power. The router is compact at 3.91 inches wide and 3.82 inches deep, so you can easily find a place for it in the center of your home, the optimal place for a router.

If you find a single eero isn’t enough for your space, you have a few options for expansion. The first is to get a kit with an eero 6 extender or two. Its lower price makes it a good pick for a fully wireless solution. You could also get a pack with multiple eero 6 routers so you have access to the Ethernet ports.

Lastly, it’s worth keeping in mind that since eero 6 is dual-band, it has to share its connection between the device and connecting the mesh. This is why eero only recommends an eero 6 mesh to those with 500Mbps internet connections or lower while a single eero 6 is good for up to 900Mbps. Even so, Wi-Fi 6 makes this compact mesh faster than the previous generation, even for older devices since the link between eeros is stronger.

To get the best of both worlds, an eero Pro 6 adds another 5GHz band; which allows for a band to be dedicated to the mesh connection, and another dedicated to devices.

Save on the perfect eero router for your home

eero 6 dual-band router: $89.00 $71.00 at Amazon

eero 6 dual-band router: $89.00 $71.00 at Amazon
The cheapest Wi-Fi 6 eero is also one of the best for many people. While it won't be a good fit for gigabit connections in a mesh, it's great for connections up to 500Mbps, which is plenty for several devices streaming 4K video, browsing, and even large downloads. You can also grab it as a three-pack.

eero 6 dual-band router (1 router + 2 extenders): $199.00 $159.00 at Amazon

eero 6 dual-band router (1 router + 2 extenders): $199.00 $159.00 at Amazon
This router and extender kit covers up to 4,500 square feet with three AX1800 eeros. The two extenders don't have Ethernet ports, but as a completely wireless solution, this kit is also cheaper than buying three full eero 6 routers.

eero 6 extender: $79.00 $63.00 at Amazon

eero 6 extender: $79.00 $63.00 at Amazon
Already have an eero 6 mesh? Add coverage to your mesh with this extender to fill in a dead zone or improve speed consistency in the far reaches of your home.


eero Pro 6 (2-pack): $399.00 $259.00 at Amazon
Also available as a single or a three-pack, the eero Pro 6 two-pack is a good fit for many homes, with up to 3,500 square feet of covers. The tri-band AX4200 connection adds plenty of speed over the base eero 6 to support gigabit internet connection.

eero 6+ dual-band router: $139.00 $90.00 at Amazon

eero 6+ dual-band router: $139.00 $90.00 at Amazon
The eero 6+ router uses a 160MHz 5GHz band to double the speed used by most devices and the mesh link for better eero performance in compact housing. This also improves speeds for modern 160MHz-capable Wi-Fi devices.

If you’re looking for something with a little more speed, but the eero 6 Pro isn’t quite the right fit, the eero 6+ might be a good option. With support for 160MHz bands, our eero 6+ review found it offers a significant increase in speed over the eero 6 in a mesh, within a housing that’s not much bigger.

You can mix and match your eero system to create a custom mesh, but you should also keep your fastest eero at the center of your mesh network. For example, in a system with an eero 6 and an eero Pro 6, the Pro 6 should be connected to the modem with the other router extending coverage. Also, note that an eero 6 extender must be paired with an eero router and cannot operate alone. This flexibility is one of the reasons why eero 6 has been a constant when it comes to the best Wi-Fi 6 mesh routers since it came out.

If you’re looking for something to use with your new Wi-Fi network, many of the best Prime Day phone deals work with Wi-Fi 6 and will get the best speeds from your eero network. If you’ve got a lot to store, you can use one of the Ethernet ports on your eero to connect one of the best Prime day NAS deals.

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