Here’s what the Android Central team bought for Cyber Monday

HP Chromebase All-in-One
The HP Chromebase All-in-One (Image credit: Chris Wedel/Android Central)

The Android Central team has tried to spend this Cyber Monday deals period only recommending products that we would personally buy, based on our reviews and round-ups of various tech. But when we're not writers, we're deal-hunting consumers too! I've polled my fellow writers to find out which tech (and non-tech) deals tempted them into buying something.

Nicholas Sutrich: Google Pixel Watch

Our Senior Phones editor has been led into temptation by our Pixel Watch reviewer, Andrew Myrick, who kept talking up how great the watch is until he gave in.

"I finally did it. I finally bought another smartwatch. I just hope Google doesn’t make me regret it. After all, it was only $50 for the weekend but, hey, that’s better than no dollars off, right? I’ve been wanting one since the leaks started earlier this year and Andrew’s review put me over the edge. You’d better be right, Andrew."

Google Pixel Watch: $349 $299 at Best Buy

Google Pixel Watch: $349 $299 at Best Buy
It's only the first Google watch, but it's already one of the best Android watches available, only beaten by the Galaxy Watch 5 for sensors and durability — but certainly not for looks. 

Also available at Amazon

Chris Wedel: Acer 21.5 Ultra-Thin Zero Frame Computer Monitor; 50 Rewriteable NFC Tags

Our smart home editor decided to make his home even smarter with some NFC automation, and to smarten up his workstation too. 

"Working on a single monitor is downright difficult for me. I need room to spread out my work so I can see it all at once with minimal window switching. So, when the opportunity presented itself, ie: Black Friday, I had to pick up this Acer monitor to replace a smaller, less crisp, screen I’ve been using. If you’ve been on the fence about expanding your digital workspace, now is the time to take that leap. You won’t regret it. 

I have been working to find ways to better expand the smart home automation options in my home. While I can create automatic routines or create a digital button for “manual” routines, some routines are more family-focused. Meaning my family members want the automation options and I need to make it so they can access them without a phone — enter NFC tags. These programmable discs allow me to create a routine and then tie its activation to the tag. I’ll place an old phone in a central location that my kids can use to scan the tags and run specific automated tasks."

Acer 21.5 Ultra-Thin Zero Frame Computer Monitor : $99.99 $69.99 (with coupon) at Amazon

Acer 21.5 Ultra-Thin Zero Frame Computer Monitor : $99.99 $69.99 (with coupon) at Amazon

This budget monitor proves you don't need to spend hundreds on a fancier model; this gives you the essentials and takes up very little room on your desk.

Jeramy Johnson: HP Chromebase

Chromeboxes get less attention than Chromebooks, but our editor-in-chief has his eyes fixed on the HP Chromebase, an all-in-one Chrome OS PC that's one of our favorites.

"Ok, so technically I’m cheating a bit here. You see, I haven’t actually purchased this awesome all-in-one ChromeOS computer just yet, but I am most definitely doing so before Cyber Monday is over. My colleague Chris Wedel sold me on it when he reviewed the HP Chromebase earlier this year, and now that I can get it for under $300, it’s a no-brainer.

I’ve worked day-in, day-out on a variety of laptops, a six-year-old iMac, and even a Surface PC over the last few years, but my favorite computing experience is on ChromeOS. We use Google Workspace suite here at Future, and I’ve run Slack and other apps in the browser just fine for years. It’s high time to replace my old, slow iMac, and I think this is just the device to do the trick."

HP Chromebase 128GB SSD: $590$300 at Best Buy

HP Chromebase 128GB SSD: $590 $300 at Best Buy

The star of the HP Chromebase is the rotating 21.5-inch HD display that's mounted on a fabric-wrapped base. The computer is fast and always up to date, and it comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Andrew Myrick, LG C2 4K OLED TV; GMMK Pro

As someone who owns the LG C1, I can only shake my head sadly that Andrew, our Chromebooks and tablets editor, took advantage of Cyber Monday to one-up me.

"There are a few things that I consider myself to have an affinity for, in addition to smartphones. These include the likes of monitors or displays and mechanical keyboards. For the past few years, I’ve heavily relied on a 34-inch Alienware Ultrawide monitor, usually paired with another monitor for even more screen space. My trusty and reliable ultrawide has now been replaced by the LG C2, which brings 4K resolution at 120Hz, along with plenty of HDMI ports for my PC, consoles, and Chromebooks. And the best part is that I didn’t have to pay the full $1,300 retail price, as it can be had for just $899."

LG C2 42-inch TV: $1,300 $899 at Best Buy

LG C2 42-inch TV: $1,300 $899 at Best Buy

Our friends at Techradar called the LG C2 the best 4K 120Hz TV, so getting one for $400 off so soon after its release is a genuinely excellent deal.

"The GMMK Pro has become my “go-to” barebones keyboard that I use whenever I pick up a new set of key switches or keycaps. After grabbing some more Holy Panda switches, I noticed that the GMMK Pro was also on sale for $150, and a quick trip to Best Buy later, it was mine. This keyboard sports a 75% layout, supports 3-pin and 5-pin switches, and is compatible with QMK & VIA to customize macros and more."

Shruti Shekar: Dyson Tower Fan

Our editor-in-chief couldn't find the right soundbar she wanted for her home theater setup, but she found plenty of other Cyber Monday deals, both for tech and non-tech.

"Ok so as some of you all might know, I live in Toronto, and so we celebrated Thanksgiving a month earlier. But we still celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday! And yes, your girl did buy something this year. Every year, I like to try and find a good deal where I could buy something that I’ve wanted for my place. As you know, the older you get, the more excited you get about buying home goods, lol. 

So this year, I decided to get the Dyson Tower Fan, a product that I’ve been eyeing for a few years now. I’m a big Dyson fan, I used to have the hair dryer, I now own the Air Wrap, I also have one of their vacuums. But we know these products aren’t cheap and I knew there would be a good deal out there somewhere that could let me get the Tower Fan."

Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Fan: $399 $299 at Best Buy

Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Fan: $399 $299 at Best Buy

We may be moving into winter now, but you can bet you won't find as good a deal on this excellent fan by the time summer rolls around next year. Time to think ahead!

"It was $150 off at Best Buy Canada, and I was pretty satisfied with this deal. I’m one of those people who even in excruciating cold weather (which let’s be real, Canada gets a lot of that!), I like to sleep with a little bit of the window open AND a fan on. Call me crazy, but I just like being wrapped up like a burrito and feeling extra warm and cozy. 

So I’m really excited to try out this fan. 

On another note, my partner and I really are looking for a soundbar, and we haven’t found the right one yet. But maybe next year is the year we get that! 

And while this site is full of tech, which I love, obviously, I want to also note that I did get a few other knick-knacks that were not tech related. 

For starters, we did get a few things for our 11-week puppy, Jiggy, because he’s a growing baby and why wouldn’t we want to treat him? 

I also got a few 14k gold pieces (earrings and a ring) from a Canadian brand called Mejuri, and because I am practical as well, I got contact lenses for my eyes (which were on sale!)."

Jerry Hildenbrand, Schwinn Elm kids bike

Our Google Editor and resident softie decided to spend his Cyber Monday budget on his loved ones rather than himself.

My grandaughter is old enough to want a “real” bike, and of course she told grandpa to get her one for Christmas. She knows who to find when it comes to spoiling her. Of course, Amazon sells kid’s bikes and Amazon is big into Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. It was a no-brainer to head there and I was not disappointed.

The criteria for the bike was that it had to look “cool” it had to look “girly” and it had to have the “things on the handlebars to make the brakes like mom’s bike does” so I started scrolling. Bam! 52% off the Schwinn Elm kid’s bike, which was exactly what I was looking for from a name I recognized. My only decision was pink or purple. I went with pink. 

We all love buying tech stuff when it’s on a big Amazon holiday sale but it’s important to remember that there is other stuff there, too. I get to be the hero grandpa and I get to save $97 while doing it. Win-win.

Schwinn Koen & Elm Toddler and Kids Bike: $187 $90.37 at Amazon

Schwinn Koen & Elm Toddler and Kids Bike: $187 $90.37 at Amazon

We're no bike experts at Android Central, but it's pretty obvious this is a great Cyber Monday deal if you want to be a young kid's favorite relative for the holidays. 

Patrick Farmer: Signed up for streaming services

Our deals and commerce writer told me he spent most of his Black Friday money on takeout, but he did decide to start subscribing for more streamed content, too!

"Now that a bunch of streaming services are increasing their prices (looking at you, Disney+) over the next few months, I decided to practice what I preach and take advantage of some of the Cyber Monday streaming deals that I've been writing about. Since you can cancel most of the subscriptions at any time, it felt like a no-brainer. I figure I'll try them out for a few months and see who I end up using the most. 

Worst case scenario, I'll just binge-watch The Office for the millionth time on Peacock Premium and only pay $0.99 per month. Win-win-win."


Peacock Premium: Get a year of streaming at $0.99/month

Kicking things off is this holiday deal from Peacock that gives you your first year of ad-free streaming for just a dollar per month when you use the code SAVEBIG. Peacock is home to over 80,000 hours of content, from popular TV series and films to live sports. The offer expires on November 28th, so don't wait!

Michael Hicks: Shokz OpenRun

Last but not least, I (the VR and fitness editor) decided to finally upgrade my audio setup for my long runs. 

Whenever I'm testing out various Garmin or Fitbit devices, I typically run with wired earphones from whatever iPhone or Android phone I'm using at the time. It's not especially convenient, but I've had too many wireless earbuds die on me over the years, leaving me with nothing to motivate me on long quiet stretches. I don't care if it's a crutch, I need Kate Bush to tell me to keep running up that hill.

But I'm finally ready to try some workout earbuds again, and I've decided on the Shokz OpenRun Pro because they'll keep my ears open during races but'll still help me stay motivated with my playlists. 

Shokz OpenRun Pro: $180 $143.95 at Amazon

Shokz OpenRun Pro: $180 $143.95 at Amazon

Bone conduction earbuds let you enjoy high-clarity audio without wearing out your eardrums or hurting your situational awareness during workouts. 

Michael L Hicks
Senior Editor, Wearables & AR/VR

Michael is Android Central's resident expert on wearables and fitness. Before joining Android Central, he freelanced for years at Techradar, Wareable, Windows Central, and Digital Trends. Channeling his love of running, he established himself as an expert on fitness watches, testing and reviewing models from Garmin, Fitbit, Samsung, Apple, COROS, Polar, Amazfit, Suunto, and more.