Fitbit and Google Fit metrics are heading to the Nest Hub

Nest Hub 2nd Gen Review
(Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • A recent support page for the Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) shows support for viewing your Google Fit or Fitbit activity.
  • The new feature could integrate with the Sleep Sense feature already on the Nest Hub. 
  • A date for the feature rollout is unclear, but it may be revealed at the upcoming Google I/O even.

Google has long taken the approach of using its software prowess to continually improve products that have been on the market for an extended period. This applies to its smartphones to wireless earbuds. Google appears to be preparing to enhance its smart display with added health benefits.

9to5Google spotted a new support page for the Google Nest Hub (2nd gen), detailing the steps to link your Google Fit or Fitbit activity metrics to the smart display. The process is relatively straightforward, but the depth of what will be shown or told is unclear. 

Little has changed since Google’s acquisition of Fitbit in terms of crossover between Google’s other products, so this new integration will show activity data from both of the company’s fitness platforms can bring even more functionality to one of the best smart displays in the Google Nest Hub (2nd gen). 

Nest Hub 2nd Gen Review

(Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

The new features should pair nicely with the smart display’s sleep tracking ability. In our review of the Nest Hub, we found that Sleep Sense, while not perfect, was a helpful addition to the device. Whether other Google Assistant speakers will get this feature or not is unclear. Also unclear is when it will begin to roll out.

The time most likely for us to see any announcement or release would be at the upcoming Google I/O event on May 12. This is also when you may expect an official reveal for a Google Pixel Watch. With the expansion of ways of accessing fitness metrics, the timing for a Google-branded wearable to integrate with the broader hardware ecosystem makes sense. We only have to wait a couple of more weeks to see how it all works out. 

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