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Meta Portal+ (2021)
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Facebook, recently reborn as Meta, makes some pretty great hardware in the form of the Portal lineup of smart displays. These Meta Portable smart home devices have the capability to deliver high quality video conferencing, as well as Alexa speakers rolled into one. You can score the basic 10-inch Meta Portal for an astonishingly affordable $35 this fine Prime Day.

Since Meta will no longer continue its fantastic video calling displays, this is probably your last chance of grabbing a Portal before it's gone forever. With popular social media apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, and Zoom built-in, Portal devices handle video communication like no other. 

You also get access to a multitude of other services such as audio streaming platforms, time and weather widgets, and more. The larger 14-inch screen on the Meta Portal Plus takes full advantage of these features, especially when the display is used as a live photo frame.

Equipped with premium add-ons like stereo speakers, a physical camera shutter for privacy, and the ability to pan and tilt to follow your movements, the Meta Portal Plus is a fantastic device. This Prime Day deal brings the cost of the Portal Plus down by 24%, saving you $83 of dough. Then there's the Portal Go with an on-device battery, which is discounted to $129 at the moment. You don't want to miss this opportunity!

Grab these Meta Portals for less

Meta Portal:$179.00$34.98 at Amazon

Meta Portal: $179.00 $34.98 at Amazon

The Meta Portal touts a beautiful 10-inch HD touch screen designed in the likeness of a photo frame. You get crisp video call quality when chatting with friends, and the camera pans and moves along with you. Meta Portal offers a host of third-party apps for audio and video streaming in addition to social apps. Get for only $35 one today with this stunning deal.

Meta Portal Go:$199.00$129.00 at Amazon

Meta Portal Go: $199.00 $129.00 at Amazon

Not keen on the idea of staying plugged in? The Meta Portal Go is the solution to your problem. It retains the 10-inch display from the regular model, but swaps out wired connection for a dedicated battery, making it portable. Talk to Alexa for help in any room of the house with the Portal Go.

Meta Portal Plus:$349.00$265.99 at Amazon

Meta Portal Plus: $349.00 $265.99 at Amazon

Meta's Portal Plus sports a large 14-inch QHD display, providing plenty of screen real estate for Netflix binge sessions. You get stereo speakers for a stellar audio experience, and the entire smart display moves with you. There's a physical privacy shutter for when the camera isn't in use, for your comfort.

While the 10-inch Meta Portal is a no-brainer, you might feel conflicted about the other two models. Wondering whether you should go for the Meta Portal Go vs. Portal Plus? Check out our guide for in-depth comparisons. Bear in mind that the Portal Go can't pan and tilt with you, but it is the only wireless Portal smart display of the bunch.

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