Your old Roomba sucks. This one doesn't and it's still under $260

Roborock S4 Max on carpet
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Tired of watching your robot vacuum aimlessly bump into walls and furniture and never quite getting your house clean? Then you need to upgrade to the Roborock Q5, a robot vacuum with LIDAR navigation — the same tech self-driving cars use — and it's only $259 right now.

But remember, Prime Day ends today (Wednesday, July 12), so you'll need to act fast to get this crazy good price!

I've been using Roborock vacuums for years and have reviewed dozens of different brands. While iRobot pioneered the space with its Roomba series, Roborock stepped in years later and perfected the product with its advanced navigation and superb app.

Roborock Q5 robot vacuum with LIDAR navigation: $429.99 $259.99 at Amazon

Roborock Q5 robot vacuum with LIDAR navigation: $429.99 $259.99 at Amazon

This robot vacuum will intelligently auto-map your home, giving you the ability to clean individual rooms or spaces from the app. Better yet, pair it with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa and tell your house to clean itself!

I marvel every time I tell my house to clean itself using Google Assistant and my Roborock vacuum. "Hey Google, clean the house" is a command I issue at least weekly; my vacuum knows exactly what that means.

Even more impressive is when I tell Google to clean the kitchen or the master bathroom, and it knows exactly where to go.

Cheap Roombas and other robot vacuums simply don't have this functionality and could never dream of knowing where to go as well as this Roborock Q5 does. Plus, thanks to the intelligent and organized cleaning method, every nook and cranny of every room will be covered by the Q5 without you needing to interfere.

The Roborock app is filled with tons of great features like multi-level mapping — for houses with more than one floor — as well as no-go zones and automatic carpet detection.

And don't worry about pet hair or other particles sticking around after your vacuum does its thing. 2700Pa of suction power ensures that this vacuum sucks just about anything up, and the 470mL dustbin fits tons of debris before it's full. You can even pair it with the auto-empty dock later down the road if you want to purchase that another time.

And yes, it can vacuum the whole house without having to recharge. It's rated for 3,230 square feet of cleaning on a single charge. Even if it somehow doesn't get everything in one go, it can go back to the dock and charge up just enough so that it finishes the job thanks to smart charging.

Get your house cleaner for less this Prime Day with the Roborock Q5!

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