Abode Systems brings Google Nest integration for enhanced DIY home security

Abode Systems announces native integration with Google Nest devices.
(Image credit: Abode Systems)

What you need to know

  • Abode Systems announces its deep integration with Google Nest devices.
  • A slew of Nest products join Abode's DIY mentality with no contract for home owners.
  • Through the CUE automation engine, users can set different triggers for an automatic response by their security system under certain circumstances.

Following the death of Nest Secure, Google is partnering with DIY smart home security company Abode Systems to incorporate Google Nest devices into its array of home safety assistance. Announced in a press release on Tuesday, Abode Systems states that, through this implementation, it can provide DIY security with no contract.

The Abode security platform was once a part of the "Works with Nest" program, which was sunset in 2019. However, Google created the new "Google Nest Device Access" program, which lets Abode integration access and climate control of Nest products into its platform and exchange information between the two.

The supported Google Nest devices through the Abode app are as follows:

Google Nest Cameras

Google Nest Thermostats

Google Nest Thermostat

(Image credit: Google)

Abode says that "users can leverage the connection with their Nest thermostat by switching to 'Away' mode on Nest when the Abode system is set to 'arm.'" Additionally, there are "triggers" or conditions owners can set within the CUE engine for customizable, automatic responses by the security system. 

If your Nest doorbell detects someone outside, through the pairing of Abode and Google, your set automation can turn on the entry light in front of your door so you can see who it is. Similarly, if the temperature in the house has dropped or risen too much, your set Nest Thermostat automation can adjust the heating or cooling accordingly.

Motion sensors are also included with the CUE engine's automation. If your Nest doorbell detects a presence, you will be notified so you can check the camera and communicate with this potential stranger in safety. These triggers work indoors and outdoors, so you can feel at ease that your security system can monitor and alert you to any sudden changes through the native Abode app.

Additional information and the ability to get started in crafting your ideal smart home security array is ready and waiting.

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