As Nest Secure officially dies, Google offers free ADT systems

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Update (Apr 11, 9 am ET): Included more info about Google's replacement criteria and the ADT Self Setup security system.

What you need to know

  • Nest Secure is being officially sunset on April 8, 2024. Units will not receive any updates after that time and it will cease working in the Nest app.
  • Google is offering free upgrades to the new ADT Self Setup system for some customers.
  • Dropcam and Works with Nest programs are also being discontinued.

Nest Secure users will officially have to look for a proper replacement to their beloved home security system before April 8, 2024. After that date, Nest Secure systems will stop receiving security updates and will no longer be available in the Nest app, meaning they will officially become completely unusable. Other devices currently controlled by the Nest app will still be controlled by the Nest app after this change.

Nest Secure was officially discontinued in October 2020 but has been supported and usable in the old Nest app ever since that announcement. Now, users will need to pick from one of the best smart home security systems as a proper replacement but Google is hoping you'll continue sticking with their latest venture, instead.

The recently announced ADT Self Setup is being offered for free to all existing Nest Secure customers who have had an active Nest Secure unit on their Google account in the 28 days prior to April 7, 2023. Expect an email for a free upgrade from Google if you are an eligible Nest Secure customer.

In addition to Nest Secure being sunset, Dropcam support will officially end on April 8, 2024, as well. Dropcam existed long before Nest cameras and is some of the oldest smart home security hardware on the market with active support and updates. Current Dropcam users with a Nest Aware subscription will be offered a 50% coupon on a new Nest Cam which is currently our top pick for best wireless home security camera.

Lastly, the Works with Nest program is officially ending on September 29, 2023. Google announced that Works with Nest would be going away way back in 2019 but the company has kept it around for several years to ensure a smooth transition to new standards like Matter. Google says it is working with partners that are still using Works with Nest APIs to ensure those products continue to function after this date.

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