All the best Pixel Watch 2 screen protectors are on sale for Prime Big Deal Days

Google Pixel Watch 2 hands-on
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The latest Google Pixel Watch 2 doesn't look much different from its predecessor, but don't let that fool you. It's chock-full of all the latest gear and has new features that make it a compelling buy.

If you bought one for yourself, you're going to want to invest in some rock-hard protection for it. Google may have extended the warranty for its new wearable, but it still does not offer repairs. So if you bang up your Google Pixel Watch 2, it's a goner.

The best way to protect any device with a glass display is by getting a sturdy screen protector. For the Pixel Watch 2, there are loads of excellent TPU and tempered glass screen guards available. Thanks to Amazon's ongoing Prime Big Deal Days sales, you can score a sweet Google Pixel Watch 2 screen protector for even cheaper than usual.

Best Pixel Watch 2 screen protector deals

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CASE88 6 Pack Screen Protector for Pixel Watch/Pixel Watch 2

CASE88 gives you six pieces of protective Pixel Watch 2 TPU films. These smartwatch screen guards repel fingerprints, liquids, and smudges. On top of that, these films can self-heal from minor scratches. Enjoy 20% off with this deal.

Buy from: Amazon at $8.99 $7.19

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Misxi 2 Pack Hard PC Case with Button for Google Pixel Watch 2

Misxi gives you a durable form of screen protection for the Pixel Watch 2 with its two-pack of hard cases, now available for 20% off. These are plastic cases that come in either transparent or black rims. You can also get a mixed pack with one black and one transparent case. The tough plastic case is great for deflection shocks, scratches, and dents.

Buy from: Amazon at $8.99 $7.99

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HASDON Google Pixel Watch Case with Tempered Glass

Looking for a tempered glass screen protector? The HASDON Google Pixel Watch Case comes with a Tempered Glass unit built-in, so it's got great scratch-proofing. This case is an all-in-one solution to safeguard your Google Pixel Watch 2 from every angle. Amazon knocked 29% off this screen guard for today.

Buy from: Amazon at $8.99 $6.39

Although the Google Pixel Watch 2 is slightly different from the original Pixel Watch, but you can still use most of the same screen protectors and cases on both wearables. This means that you can use the HASDON Google Pixel Watch Case designed for the original Google watch on the second-gen one as well. Don't worry, because HASDON has updated its listing to confirm this.

In case you're wondering, this applies to Pixel Watch bands as well. You can reuse them instead of buying new Pixel Watch 2 bands.

By the way, you can actually get the Google Pixel Watch 2 for free right now. How, you ask? Simply check out the Google Pixel 8 Pro phone deal that we have featured. Oh and if you do end up getting the Pixel 8 Pro as well, don't forget to grab some of the best cases for it while you're at it.

While this deal may not last forever, it's worth noting that Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days sale has kicked off! Check out all the best smartwatch deals available now to see how you can save on a sweet new device.

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