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1. Best Google Pixel Watch 2 screen protectors
2. How to pick the right screen protector

The Google Pixel Watch 2 is secured by a layer of Gorilla Glass 5, but you still should not be using it in the nude. Simple knocks against tables and doors at the wrong angle could spell disaster for the smartwatch. Making matters worse, Google still does not offer repairability for its flagship wearable.

So, having one of the best Google Pixel Watch 2 screen protectors is essential. Just like the best screen guards for the original Pixel Watch, you can opt for either tempered glass or TPU films. Both are solid protective options that deflect scratches, cracks, and shatters from your Pixel Watch 2. Here are all your best options.

Best Google Pixel Watch 2 screen protectors

How to pick the right screen protector

There are loads of great screen protection solutions available for the Pixel Watch 2. Since the display sizes of the last-gen and second-gen Google wearables are similar, many of the best Pixel Watch screen protectors can be used on the Pixel Watch 2.

When picking one of the best Google Pixel Watch 2 screen protectors, prioritize your personal preference. Sure, a hard, clear case is the most robust form of defense, but if you don't like the bulk, don't buy one. We recommend the EGV TPU Film for Google Pixel Watch 2 (6-pack) because the multipack gives you plenty of spares, and each TPU film can self-repair from minor abrasions. This gives you fantastic value overall.

If you want something more high-end, ZAGG has just the thing for you. The brand's Ultra Clear Screen Protector for the Google Pixel Watch 2 costs a bit much for a single screen protector, but it is extremely high-quality. The screen guard can self-heal just like EGV's films, it has an antimicrobial layer to eliminate germs, and the material is extremely durable, like a weird cross between plastic and glass.

Once you've secured a decent screen guard for your Pixel Watch 2, go ahead and personalize it. You can grab additional Google Pixel Watch 2 bands to express your style or for different occasions, such as working out in the gym or attending to formal events.

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