Best Pixel 8 screen protectors 2024


The Google Pixel 8 has much more prominently rounded edges compared to the previous generation. Google also reduced the size of the OLED screen just a tad, cropping it from 6.3 inches to 6.2 inches.

We're really happy about the new display on the Pixel 8. Not only does it have a faster 120Hz screen refresh rate, but it's also much brighter than the Pixel 7, with a peak brightness level of 2000 nits. Such a lovely screen should be protected, which is why you need one of the best Pixel 8 screen protectors.

Best Pixel 8 screen protectors

How to pick the right screen protector

You need to use the best Pixel 8 screen protectors for high touch sensitivity and upper-tier scratch resistance. The Milomdoi 4 Pack Screen Protector for the Google Pixel 8 is the ideal set, with everything you need for at-home installation included in the box. There is a useful frame for easy installation, four tempered glass screen guards that repel liquids and dirt, and four camera lens protectors to secure your Pixel 8's camera island.

If you're not big on glass screen guards, Supershieldz has a compelling alternative. The Supershieldz 3 Pack Google Pixel 8 PET Screen Protector includes three pieces of robust PET films. These screen guards are not made of glass, so they're not as glossy or thick. They are capable of recovering from minor scratches and are case-friendly by design.

Once you've picked a suitable screen protector for your Pixel 8, be sure to grab one of the best Pixel 8 cases as well. After all, a screen protector won't safeguard your phone's body.

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