Best Pixel 8 cases 2023


Hands on with the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro

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1. Best Pixel 8 cases
2. How to pick the right case

As much as we love the 6.2-inch Pixel 8, we urge you to get a swanky case to go with it. There are plenty of amazing options available, including both first and third-party cases. All it takes is one accident, and your brand-new phone could face a terribly unwanted makeover.

We highly recommend grabbing a slim protective case for the petite Google Pixel 8. Grab something that doesn't add much bulk since one of the main charms of the device is its narrow waistline. The best Pixel 8 cases are sleek, lightweight, and shockproof, with some offering bonus features like stands, wallet attachments, and even MagSafe compatibility.

Best Pixel 8 cases

How to pick the right case

There's anything but a shortage of excellent Pixel 8 cases out there. The overwhelming amount of options can make your head spin but don't worry. We've narrowed down all the best Pixel 8 cases for you.

Since the Pixel 8 is both smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the last thing you'd want is to take away those merits. The charm of a lightweight phone reduces once you put a thick phone cover on it.

Naturally, the optimal Pixel 8 case is sleek, featherweight, and protective. We're talking about the robust Spigen Thin Fit series of cases designed for the Google Pixel 8. The case comes in a range of interesting shades, and the price tag is cost-effective. Plus, Spigen is a name you can trust. The promise of robust drop protection is the cherry on top, making it easy to recommend this as the top pick.

If you don't mind a little more meat around the bones, the TUDIA MergeGrip for the Google Pixel 8 is a fantastic case as well. The dotted texture is extremely grippy, you get plenty of attractive hues to choose from, the price is affordable, and the case has MagSafe built-in. You can pair it with any of the best MagSafe accessories for Android, which is a big advantage.

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